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Wedding Reception Essentials

There are many elements that go into planning your wedding reception. From the big details to the small, your planner and vendors are here to make sure you have everything you need for your special day to run smoothly. In this blog post, we go over various spaces you need at your wedding reception and how they can elevate your venue. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite designs from the bar and lounge to your wedding dance floor!


To start off, you'll need a space to host your wedding reception. It may be the same venue as your ceremony or you may choose to travel to a new location. This space sets the tone for your wedding and plays a key role in how you will be able to create your desired look. Some of our favorite venues around Charleston include The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Resort, the William Aiken House, and Lowndes Grove.

Dining Area

There are many components to the design of your reception dining area. Start off by deciding if you want your dining area covered or in open-air. From there, you can choose from round tables to long banquet tables or you can opt to mix it up! You will also need to decide what type of table linens, centerpieces, and glassware you want in your design. We suggest working with a planner to make sure you don't forget any essential elements of this space. The lighting in this area should create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. We love lighting receptions with clusters and rows of romantic chandeliers or a simple pattern of Café Lights.


The bar is one of the most popular and important parts of your wedding. The bar is the perfect place to make a statement at your reception, as it is one of the first places your guests will head to get in the party mood. We suggest you opt for a bar that matches your theme and will be large enough for your guests to get their drinks with ease. Some of the best ways to spice up your bar design is by adding florals, greenery, and lighting. For more ideas check out our Wedding Bar Inspiration blog post.

Dance Floor

Your dance floor is another space that will be memorable for you and your guests. You can choose a venue that already has a built-in floor or rent one that fits your theme from a rental company such as Snyder or Event Works. Lighting in this area is meant to create a focal point that catches the attention of your guests. Keep it simple with some Café Lights or create a statement with a custom hanging structure! We love working with florists to create custom designs to go above your dance floor. We worked with Blossom Bay Design and Petaloso to create some of the designs pictured above.


A lounge area is a great way to customize your space and tie in your wedding colors or theme. They also give your guests an area to take a break and gather to catch up with each other during cocktail hour or the reception. Whether your lounge is indoors or out, you can light up this area with Café Lights for an intimate glow or tie in your theme by choosing to hang a chandelier from above! Some of our favorite vendors for specialty lounge furniture include the French Eclectic and Ooh! Events.


Let us help illuminate the many spaces at your wedding reception with our lighting rentals. Contact us today to start planning out your dream design!

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