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Legal Information

Customer/Client acknowledges receipt of the equipment in good working condition. BY ACCEPTING THE EQUIPMENT, CUSTOMER/CLIENT FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IES MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, NOR HAS IES MADE ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Conditions which prevent the equipment's satisfactory operation do not relieve Customer/Client of the rental charges, Customer/Client will be responsible for paying the list price of all equipment lost or destroyed beyond repair, and for that which can be repaired, Customer/Client will be responsible for such costs. Accrued rental charges shall not be applied against the purchase, repair, or replacement of damaged or lost rented equipment. For equipment not timely returned under this contract, Customer/Client agrees to pay one and a half times the rental rate specified in the contract. In the event of breach, Customer/Client agrees to pay attorney fees and costs to IES for enforcing this agreement, By accepting the agreement, Customer/Client expressly acknowledges and agrees that it shall be subject to personal jurisdiction in the County of Charleston, State of South Carolina, and that in all actions brought to enforce this agreement, whether by Customer/Client or IES, jurisdiction and venue shall lie in the County of Charleston, State of South Carolina.