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For more than 15 years of event production, we have learned to perform tasks of any level of complexity. Whether your project is large or small, our highly experienced staff will help you produce your next event or installation.


Whether you need a small sound system for your next corporate meeting or full lighting and effect machines for an outdoor party – we have you covered with the highest quality equipment.


From String Lights in intimate churches to DJ lighting in a huge nightclub, IES has done it multiple times! We guarantee high-quality work and will stand behind you far after your installation is complete. 


Want to make something unique? Our portfolio includes custom chandeliers, obstacles for team-building events, monsters for Halloween parties, and more!  We will help you to make your ideas a reality.


With our large selection of lighting and other equipment, we can customize any size event from private parties and weddings to corporate parties and special events to make your celebration one of a kind.

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