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Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall is a beautiful time of the year; the weather cools off, the leaves change color, and a cozy vibe can be felt by everyone. All of this and more makes it the best time to host your wedding. With the fall wedding season being the most popular choice among couples, it can be hard to get inspired to have a unique and personalized design. We are here to inspire you by discussing some of our favorite fall trends and how to incorporate them at your wedding.

Rust Color Palette

Nothing says fall like a rust color scheme at your wedding. Rust tones can include anything from orange and terra cotta to browns and coppers. You can incorporate this color scheme in various ways throughout your ceremony and reception. Our favorites include rust-toned lounge furniture, table linens, and florals. We love the way rust-colored florals pop when combined with greenery and the warmth of our Café Lights.

Open Air Lighting

Lighting is the perfect way to set a moody ambiance at your fall wedding. String lights are the best option for adding a warm hue above various spaces at your outdoor wedding. Choose from a variety of our string lighting rentals, from Café Lights to Fairy Lights and Twinkle Lights. Create a canopy over your dining area to highlight your table design, or add a unique pattern of lights above your cocktail area for an extra glow.


Create a stunning fall wedding design without cluttering your space. A simple fall wedding design we love is a minimalistic tablescape. Ditch the table linens and opt for a wooden table with a less is more look. Simplistic seasonal floral centerpieces with tall taper candles are the perfect way to add warmth to your design. A minimalistic lighting choice that we love for fall is our Café Lights. They can be hung in different patterns at your indoor or outdoor venue to create a personalized look.

Full Bloom Wedding Arches

Statement floral installations are making a mark in recent wedding trends and add a unique vibe to your fall wedding. A white floral design with greenery is a great way to keep a classic and simple look at your wedding ceremony. White florals and greenery also blend in seamlessly into many of our stunning lowcountry venues. Our circular Moon Arch is a great option for a backdrop that can be personalized with your choice of flowers. Add some string lights up above for an intimate and romantic ambiance.


We hope you were inspired by these unique fall wedding ideas. Be sure to see more fall wedding designs by visiting our Instagram!

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