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Wedding Bar Inspiration

After the start of your reception, it is likely that guests will soon find themselves gravitating to the bar. This area has been dubbed the watering hole because it’s the place where your guests will visit again and again! You should elevate this high-traffic area to make it memorable by integrating elements of your decor that compliments the venue. Keep reading to see some of our favorite wedding bar styles featuring different lighting and decor elements!

Rustic Bars

To create a rustic design we recommend starting off with a wooden bar. You can opt for various shades of wood to match your venue or color scheme. A lighter wooden tone adds elegance while darker tones enhance the rustic look of your design. Make a statement by hanging an intricate chandelier such as our Valentina (left), or Single Tiered Crystal (right) above your bar! You can also opt for a more simplistic look by adding a few strands of our Café Lights to add a warm ambiance.

Elegant Bars

For an elegant design, try sticking with a white bar and dress it up with romantic greenery and florals. Your bar may appear minimalistic in the front, but don't forget to decorate the background! Add shelving that can incorporate other decor elements, such as candles, that add more light to your design or your beautiful glassware. Although your venue may be rustic, we love the look of an elegant bar to merge the two styles as the rustic-elegance aesthetic has taken off in 2022! Some of our favorite ways to illuminate elegant designs are with a canopy of Twinkle Lights, a sleek and modern Darby Chandelier, or a unique pattern of our Café Lights!

Luxurious Bars

Luxury bars can mean anything from a custom-curated design to a themed look! Create a four posted-bar with a pergola covered in greenery and florals to blend seamlessly into your outdoor setting. You can go above and beyond by hanging a cluster of chandeliers in the middle of your bar. We love the look of our Luxe Chandeliers (left) hanging from a tree to make a luxurious statement. If you're choosing to throw a themed wedding opt for a bar that matches! The black, gold, and mirrored bar (middle) was used at a Great Gatsby themed wedding. We hung a Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier above to illuminate the vintage look. For an element that is less traditional, you can place whimsical champagne towers throughout your reception. If bar lines get busy your guests can grab a glass from the unique set up throughout the evening.


Let us light up your detailed bar design with one of our many lighting rentals. Contact us today to start planning!

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