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The Cottagecore Wedding Aesthetic

Updated: May 2, 2022

What is the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

The Cottagecore aesthetic has become a very popular trend recently with the popularity of the Netflix show Bridgerton. Seen as the new bohemian style, this vibe is one of nostalgia and originates from the setting of an older time, when life was romanticized by the purity of simple pleasures. It emphasizes the cozy and intimate atmosphere by favoring softer textures, colors, and accents. We see the use of light colors, such as pastels, earthy flowers, and antique decor for this style. Continue reading to check out some of our ideas for a Cottagecore wedding aesthetic!

Cottagecore Wedding Ideas

One way to achieve the Cottagecore aesthetic is through the venue. Historic venues are popular when it comes to this style because of their rich ties to the past and ability to make people feel like they have been taken back through time. For an outdoor space, a garden setting makes for the perfect spot for a Cottagecore styled reception. In the surrounding of old oaks, the picturesque scene can be accentuated with lighting and decor for a romantic touch. To learn more about historic Lowcountry venues, check out our past blog posts for Legare Waring House, William Aiken House, Lowndes Grove, Lovegrove Estate, Magnolia Plantation, and Boone Hall Plantation and Garden.

For the design of a Cottagecore style wedding reception, keeping it simple is the best way to achieve the desired aesthetic. Colored glassware, beautiful patterns, layers, and soft pastels are used to embrace the understated beauty of this style. The nostalgia of home is the essential key to this design and it is used to inspire every guest.

When it comes to lighting, our Cafe Lights are perfect for creating a layered canopy above the dining area and dance floor. The simplicity of the lighting can be used to accentuate the Cottagecore design by creating an under-the-stars look. Another way to embrace the natural elements of the venue is with our magical Branch Fairy Lights, pictured to the right. They can be used throughout the trees to romanticize the beauty of the available elements. The warm lighting enhances the intimate ambiance of the night.

To tie the florals into the decor, lush greenery can be used either as an accent or to line the tent of the frame to create a layered look. Another way to enhance the Cottagecore aesthetic is with a hanging floral arrangement. Not only does this create a stunning statement piece but the layers, once again, are perfect touches for this style. For a more sustainable floral design, try incorporating potted plants and florals to add more natural elements to the design. To bring this style to the wedding ceremony itself, try lining the altar with romantic florals to create a cohesive look.

We hope this blog inspires your Cottagecore wedding decor! To find out how we can bring your dreams to reality, call us at (843)410-9888 or email us at

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