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Featured Venue: Lowndes Grove

Updated: May 2, 2022

Settled on 14 acres of live oak groves and river views, Lowndes Grove is a mesmerizing waterfront venue located on the Charleston peninsula. Known for its 200-year-old live oaks and exquisite sunsets over the Ashley River, Lowndes Grove was named among the Best Venues in America 2015, BRIDES magazine and has been distinguished on the National Register for Historic Places!

Lowndes Grove has a rich history dating back to its original owner William Lowndes in 1803. The property went through numerous owners before it was finally bought, restored, and transformed by the Patrick family into the current venue we know and love.

Today, the Lowndes Grove venue consists of the Main House, the Grand Lawn and the Dock. All of these spaces have the potential to turn any event into an unforgettable experience. Continue reading to explore some of our favorite lighting designs and learn about each area of Lowndes Grove!

Lowndes Grove - The Main House

The grand Main House is known for its iconic sunlit terrace made of Bluestone, brick, and oyster tabby, and its 750 square foot piazza that overlooks the gorgeous Ashley River and the breathtaking live oak grove. With architecture and furnishings dating back to 1786, this event space offers the opportunity to feel like a part of history! The house may also look familiar from the hit tv show Outer Banks as the family home of Cameron.

One of our favorite ways to accentuate the beautiful architecture of the Main House is through Uplighting. Our Up Lights cast a magical glow on the house that creates an ambiance that feels straight from a fairytale!

The Grand Lawn

The Grand Lawn is a luxurious space that is sure to leave a lasting impression! With room to accommodate over 300 guests, this open lawn is surrounded by 14 acres of gorgeous live oak groves, enchanting river views, and is the perfect place for a tent!

Create a magical experience when you hang our Empire chandeliers from the peak of a tent! Our Empire Chandeliers are adorned with elegant crystal beading that creates a luxurious look when hung in rows. Try pairing it with classic green and white floral arrangements for an ambiance that is timeless and romantic.

Lowndes Grove Dock

Off the Grand Lawn, you will find a private dock that extends 700 feet into the Ashley River. The Dock offers stunning coastal views of the Charleston peninsula and is known for its breathtaking sunsets.

Hang our dazzling Café Lights at the base of the dock to extend the scenic views as the sun begins to set. They not only set the mood but add a picturesque element to this event space!


Whether you are looking for a venue for a wedding reception or a special event, Lowndes Grove is a gorgeous event destination! Click here to view more of our work at Lowndes Grove.

Ready to turn your dreams into a reality? Give us a call at (843)410-9998 or shoot us an email at

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