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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Weddings

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when planning your wedding is your venue. Do you want an indoor venue, outdoor, or a bit of both? Luckily, Charleston is full of beautiful wedding venues of every size, shape, and style for you to choose from. Keep scrolling to determine which type of venue is right for you and get inspiration for romantic lighting and decor that makes it your own!


Indoor venues are great for couples who want more control over their wedding. With the unpredictable weather in Charleston, it's nice to know that with an indoor venue you won't have to worry about random thunderstorms. Indoor venues also tend to come complete with power, restrooms and a kitchen which are helpful when planning out your design. Some of our favorite indoor wedding venues in Charleston include: The Cotton Dock, The Cedar Room, and the Pavilion at Middleton Place. Although some of our rentals cannot be hung in the outdoors, all of them can be utilized in indoor spaces. Hang one of our many chandelier rentals, create a customized look with a Disco Ball installation, or hang our Café Lights for a more minimalistic design.


Outdoor venues offer unbeatable backdrops that create a romantic and unforgettable ambiance at your wedding. They also offer a blank canvas that can be completely transformed to create a customized look to fit your desired style. We love creating magical open-air lighting designs at outdoor venues. We offer a variety of string lighting rentals that can be hung to create the illusion of a sky full of stars as night sets in. You can even dress up your trees or frame your space with our versatile Café Lights. Add some greenery to your lights to enhance the look of your outdoor design. Some of our favorite outdoor venues in Charleston include: The William Aiken House, The Gadsden House, and Legare Waring House.


Get the both worlds at your wedding by choosing a venue that offers both an indoor and outdoor space. Charleston has plenty of indoor-outdoor spaces to choose from. Two of our favorites are the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall and Lowndes Grove. The Cotton Dock provides an enclosed building for hosting your reception dinner, a covered dock that could be used as your ceremony space, and the front patio that can be utilized for cocktail hour. Lowndes Grove is a beautiful waterfront estate that has both indoor and outdoor spaces to fit your needs. Lowndes Grove comes equip with a large reception tent that can be fully closed off from the elements, a side patio that can be used as a bar space, and large oyster tabby by the stunning 700-foot dock. One of the best lighting rentals for indoor and outdoor spaces are our Café Lights that can withstand the rain and be put on dimmers to create the perfect ambiance.


We would love to help light up your special day whatever the location may be. Contact our innovative team today to start planning!

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