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Blowout Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

The wedding industry is making a huge comeback in 2022, and the weddings are only getting bigger! Couples are ready to spend money on custom curated designs and decor that will create an unforgettable guest experience. Are you ready to get inspired to create a blowout wedding of your own? Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite blowout wedding design ideas!


Voluminous floral installations have become the latest blowout wedding trend. It's the year of luxe florals with bold color statements that elevate the look of your wedding reception. Incorporating florals into your design is also a good way to add more unique colors and textures. Illuminate the detail of your floral installations by hanging some of our Café Lights, an array of mirror balls or a chandelier rental that matches your theme.


Crystal Chandeliers are the perfect way to make a statement at your wedding reception! Highlight your bar or dance floor with a cluster of chandeliers hanging above. You can create a unique look by suspending chandeliers from Café Lights which offer an extra glow, especially at outdoor venues. We offer various chandelier rentals in different shapes and sizes to create your desired look. Some of our favorites are the Luxe Chandelier (top left), the Empire Chandelier (top right), and the Large Royal Chandelier (bottom right).


There truly are endless combinations to consider when decorating your reception tables. Start by deciding weather or not you'd like to incorporate a table cloth or a runner. Table linens are a great way to add in your color scheme. If you opt for a simplistic table cloth you can always add in patterned napkins. Next, incorporate more florals into your design whether they are in tall centerpieces or nestled along the center of your table as a runner. Then you can add in various candles to fill in the gaps with a luminous glow.

Tent Details

A blowout wedding is all about the little details, so you don't forget to add some pizzazz to your tent! Something as simple as some elegant drape to cover tent poles can completely transform the look of your reception. Add a magical look to your tent entrance by creating a pergola of our Fairy Lights or a walkway with the warm glow of candlelight. You can even create the illusion of a sky full of stars by hanging our Twinkle Lights in the form of your tent for an innovative design.


We hope this blog post inspires you to throw a blowout wedding that will have your guests in awe. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding design!

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