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6 Lighting Designs for Every Event Style

1. Romantic Lighting

For your royal event use delicate lighting such as twinkle or fairy lights; drape them with fabric and flowers to create a magical tent. Use a gorgeous crystal chandelier as a dance floor centerpiece and light the way for guests with lanterns along the pathways.

2. Vintage Lighting

There is no need to get lost in grandma's attic to find antique decor. Use iron lanterns, golden chandeliers with crystals and simple string cafe lights with small round bulbs to finish off the old-fashion theme.

3. Rustic Lighting

To light up your rural venue use string cafe lights covered with greenery for a charming countryside atmosphere. Put twinkle lights in mason jars to line the ceremony aisle and dark outdoor pathways. Also you can use Edison bulbs for dining areas, but we suggest to pair it with floral arrangements for a pop of color.

4. Modern Lighting

For a modern wedding, think geometric shapes, and minimalist design. Opt for our Golden Darby chandeliers, and consider adding LED lights to highlight simple floral decor. To spice up a minimalist design use interesting gobo pattern lighting and create a special mood for your dance floor area.

5. Bohemian Lighting

Keep your venue lighting simple and elegant to emphasise on detailed and colorful Boho decor. Create a fairy lights tent for a magical starry night effect or hang a couple of Leran Pendant Lamps to accent your perfect bohemian setting.

6. Classic Lighting

Crystal and silver chandeliers are tried and true wedding lighting details which will never go out of style. Use an Empire chandelier as a centrepiece and illuminate your venue with simple white string cafe lights. For a soft glow highlight your dance floor with invisible twinkle lights.

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