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Wedding Style Guide

Updated: May 2, 2022

There are many different factors that play into wedding styles and it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Each element plays a crucial role in boosting the desired ambiance for your special day. In this guide, we will go over what makes each style unique and how we can help you create your ideal ambiance using our lighting and decor!


Rustic wedding receptions have the ability to make you feel like you are a part of an intimate moment. Rustic Styles are a simplistic way to tie in authentic, earthy elements through incorporating neutral tones, natural elements, and wooden accents.


When it comes to lighting, almost all of our lighting rentals have the ability to be wrapped in greenery. Some of our favorite rustic styled lighting designs include our Gold Leaf Trellis Chandelier, 60 in. Structure with hanging Edison Lights, Edison Lights with Greenery, and Ravenwood Chandelier. These simplistic, yet stunning, lighting fixtures are a sure way to match the aesthetic of the rustic design.


For decor, our intimate Moon Arch looks breathtaking when wrapped with greenery from the wedding. Not only is it able to boost the earthy ambiance of the wedding but it also makes for a gorgeously unique backdrop when put at the altar.


Elegant wedding receptions are not defined by expensive linens or candles, it is a polished, chic style. It can be easy to confuse elegant with classic but the main difference is that elegant styles tend to be more formal and stick to trending styles whereas classic receptions are more traditional. These receptions have an interconnected and versatile color scheme with stunning accent hues.


Our Luxe Chandelier, Royal Chandelier, and Medium Tiered Tiffany Chandelier are glamorous lighting choices for a wedding reception with an elegant design. The crystal beading on these chandeliers twinkle luxuriously in the light


Our Boxwood Wall is a stunning addition to an elegant styled wedding. It adds a pop of color to the theme and makes for a perfect backdrop for photos. Add a custom monogram to the wall for a personalized touch.


Bohemian styled wedding receptions are categorized as organic and whimsical. This style ties in an earthy element while keeping a dreamy yet laid back ambiance. A popular element of this style is eccentric floral arrangements with an untamed, natural look.


Our Gold Beaded Chandelier and Leran Pendant pair stunningly with the Boho style. Our Leran Pendant is a simplistic, earthy lighting choice that complements the relaxed ambiance. Our Gold Beaded Chandelier is an enchanting touch to the earthy elements and brings a pop of color that can be tied into the floral arrangement.


When it comes to the boho style, outdoor decor can be an essential element to tie into the theme. Our Swings are perfect for entertaining guests while keeping a light hearted, relaxed feeling to the ambiance.


Romantic styled weddings seem to be straight from a fairytale. With all of the love in the air, it can be hard not to fall in love with this style. Romantic designs are categorized by the delicate details, an abundance of florals, and enchanting candlelight.


Our Gloster Chandelier and Valentina Chandelier are captivating lighting choices for a romantic wedding reception. The crystal beading cascades effortlessly down the arms as they emit a warm glow that boosts the intimate ambiance and dazzles every guest.


Hanging Glass Orbs are a detail-oriented decor choice that creates a picturesque look. Hanging from the roof or treeline, these orbs can glow like stars in the night sky or look like floating crystal balls.


Classic wedding styles are timeless and refined. They usually stick to a white color scheme with minimal accent colors and have a traditional ambiance. The style and decor is more moderate than that of an elegant styled wedding and the emotional aspect is felt by more than just the bride and groom.


Our Empire Chandelier and Crystal Chandelier are classic choices for any wedding reception. Their crystal detailing is timeless and they cast a glow that creates an ambiance of sophistication.


Our Candle Wall is a minimalistic yet captivating decor choice. It brings a romantic touch to the classic style and ties in effortlessly to the moderate themes of this style. The candles make for a detailed look and it is a stunning backdrop for photos.


Modern styled wedding receptions are simple and sleek. This style is a fresh aesthetic that focuses on breaking out of traditional boxes. The style tends to be bold and clean with trending florals and geometric lines.


For modern lighting designs, our Custom Build, Darby Chandelier, Bogo Projections, and Up Lights are perfect choices. Their geometric, customizable designs pair gorgeously with the aesthetic of this style.


When it comes to innovative decor, our Champagne Wall is a no brainer. This modern take on our boxwood wall is bold and glamorous. It can be paired with florals and is an unforgettable statement piece.


Your special day is all about you and your future partner. To begin working on your dream wedding, shoot us an email at


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