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Wedding Rain Plan Ideas

Updated: May 2, 2022

Charleston brides like to picture a romantic outdoor ceremony under the ancient oaks and a reception under the stars, but Charleston weather tends to be unpredictable. Creating a wedding day rain plan can be stressful, so in this blog post, we give you some of our best ideas on how to make the most of bad weather on your big day. From alternate ceremony and reception options to our rain-friendly lighting choices, we are here to help.

Opt for a Tent

Tents can be beautifully decorated to host your ceremony and reception while also providing protection from the rain in outdoor venues. The photos above are from a wedding we designed at Legare Waring House, where the ceremony and reception were both held in this gorgeous clear top tent. We hung a canopy of our Twinkle Lights from the top of the tent to give off a starry night effect, almost as if you were looking up toward the stars. Tents not only protect from the weather but also from the heat, sun, and cold to make the atmosphere more comfortable for you and your guests. Consider keeping a tent up, no matter the weather, to make sure your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

Venues we Love for a Rainy Day

Although Charleston boasts venues that come with gorgeous outdoor views there are plenty of options for venues with indoor spaces to make sure you stay dry. Here are some of our favorite venues with indoor options or built-in tents that can be beautifully transformed for your ceremony and reception.

The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

The Cotton Dock is one of the most popular wedding venues in Charleston and offers the perfect set up for a rainy day. Host your ceremony under the covered dock while still getting a view of the beautiful marshlands, and then host your reception in the rustic building of the Cotton Dock for a celebration that will keep everyone safe from the elements.

Lowndes Grove

Lowndes Grove is another beautiful venue that has many spaces for flexible and creative wedding planning. The main patio at Lowndes Grove comes equipped with a tent with an interchangeable top to fit the vibe you are looking for. Although you can hold your ceremony around the grounds of Lowndes Grove, you could also opt to hold your ceremony inside the tent or on the 750-foot square foot piazza of the home that overlooks the river.


Middleton Place offers an array of indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception, featuring views of the Ashley River, the iconic house, and ancient moss-draped oak trees. One of our favorite indoor areas at Middleton Place is the Pavilion that features views of the house and the greens. It is perfect for your reception and can be expanded with tents to host an intimate wedding ceremony.

Our Rain Friendly Lighting Choices

If it does happen to rain on your big day and you still want the option of an outdoor area, we have a few lighting rentals that can withstand the rain while adding a warm and romantic ambiance to your venue. Our Cafe Lights, Twinkle Lights, and Up Lights can be hung beautifully to illuminate the natural elements and give you the option of having an outdoor area for you and your guests rain or shine.


We hope this blog post gave you an idea of how to create a rain plan for your special day without sacrificing the aesthetic of your venue. Contact us today at to start planning the wedding of your dreams come rain or shine!


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