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Wedding Lighting: The Sky's the Limit

Updated: May 2, 2022

Unique lighting designs hung from above are becoming the latest craze in the wedding world. Hanging lighting is the perfect way to fill negative space and add a wow factor to your wedding! Bring your guests' eyes upwards by hanging customized lighting installations, chandeliers, canopies of lights, or even decor such as glass orbs to transform your venue from top to bottom. Continue reading to see some of our favorite lighting designs that will keep your guests looking to the sky in awe!

Custom Hanging Statement Pieces

We can't think of a better way to elevate your wedding decor than by hanging a custom lighting installation! We love creating custom hanging installations that combine our lighting with greenery and florals to exemplify how multiple elements can work together to enhance the ambiance of an entire space. Some of our favorite designs include our 60 inch round structure adorned with Edison Lights, branch fairies, and greenery, and our 24-foot long hanging structure with Edison Lights and florals!

Canopies of Light

Create a ceiling of lights that will draw your guests' eyes upwards! There are various forms of lighting you can use to hang from tents, pergolas, and outdoor areas such as our Fairy Lights, Café Lights, and Twinkle Lights. One of our favorite designs is stringing our Twinkle Lights in the form of a tent to transform any venue into a starry night sky.

Floating Chandeliers

If chandeliers are more your style, try a unique design such as floating them above various areas around your venue. We love the romantic ambiance they give when hung above reception dining tables, but they also provide a picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony! Pictured above are some of our favorite chandeliers to float, such as our timeless Valentina and elegant Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier.

Hanging Glass Orbs

Our Hanging Glass Orbs offer another unique way to bring your guests' attention to the sky! They create a magical ambiance when hung with mini votive candles from the ceiling. Some of our favorite designs include hanging them with greenery in a rustic venue, hanging them from Café Lights in an outdoor venue to create a whimsical atmosphere, and hanging them in combination with our colorful LED Up-Lights for a customized look.


With IES there are no limits to an unforgettable lighting design. Contact us today to begin planning the wedding of your dreams!

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