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Wedding Lighting Style Guide

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

With so many lighting options it can be hard to figure out what is best for your wedding. In this guide, we broke some of our wedding lighting choices down by popular styles to help guide you in the right direction.

If you are into glitz, glam, and elegance then glamorous wedding lighting is perfect for you. This style is perfect for a bride with a 'more is more' mindset. For glamorous lighting bring on the beaded and crystal details! Our Empire Chandelier (top right) is perfect for a glamorous style wedding. It looks elegant hung as a statement piece or for even more glam add a whole row of them! For a more traditional glam chandelier checkout our Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier (bottom left). The Large Gloster Chandelier (bottom right) is also a popular glam choice.

Top rustic style lighting choices are Edison lights and gold frame chandeliers. Combining lighting and natural elements is also one of our favorite ways to create a rustic look. Our custom made 60 inch round structure with hanging Edison lights (top photo) is perfect for adding greenery from your florist. Tie it all together by draping some delicate twinkle lights within the greenery. Our Valentina Chandelier (bottom left) combines a gold frame with crystal details- a perfect rustic yet, romantic look. Want something a little more simple? With our Gold Leaf Trellis Chandelier (bottom right) you can nail the rustic simplicity design.

For romantic style wedding lighting the goal is to create a soft, warm, and inviting ambiance. To do this we recommend elegant chandeliers and delicate twinkle lights. Our favorite romantic chandelier is our Valentina Chandelier (top photo). It's alluring gold frame and crystals are fairytale worthy. What's more romantic than a starry night? A canopy of Twinkle Lights (bottom left) will give your wedding a starry night feel. Adding candles throughout the venue for a soft glow is a great detail to consider as well.

If you are going for a modern wedding, simplicity and minimalism are great directions to explore for lighting. Our Darby Chandelier (bottom left) is a gold simple geometric frame chandelier that is great for making a modern statement. Looking for something more simple? You can't go wrong with Café Lights. They are a wedding lighting favorite and work with almost any style, theme, and venue.

For bohemian wedding lighting think ethereal, earthly, and exquisite. One of our popular choices for boho wedding lighting is our Leran Pendent Chandelier which is a woven basket-like style (top and bottom left photos). If your'e looking for a combination of boho and glam our Gold Beaded Chandelier (right) is a great choice.

We hope this wedding lighting style guide helped give you direction as to what lighting choices are best for you! Now that you know what style you like best, reach out to our innovative team and let us help turn the wedding of your dreams into reality.

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