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The Rise in Micro Weddings

Updated: May 2, 2022

A micro wedding includes all of the traditional elements of a wedding, but with a more intimate experience as the guest list tends to stay under 50 people. The benefits of a micro wedding go beyond a lower cost, they also create a more meaningful experience for you and your guests. This style of weddings skyrocketed to popularity during the height of the pandemic, but it seems these smaller celebrations are here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Keep reading to get inspiration on how to create an intimate ambiance at your micro wedding with the perfect venue, decor, and lighting!

The Right Venue

Finding the right venue for your micro wedding can be a difficult task. They can vary depending on the look you’re wanting for your wedding. A couple of our favorite venues for a micro wedding in Charleston include the River House at Lowndes Grove and Dunes West Golf and River Club. Both venues offer low country views and scenic backdrops that are ideal for smaller celebrations. You could also consider holding your wedding in an intimate setting such as a backyard at a private residence. Backyard areas are perfect for low-key wedding decorations or dramatic lighting with greenery.

Detailed Decor

By having a smaller guest list you are able to focus more on the details of your wedding by splurging more on decorative decor! Cover your dining tables in stunning floral arrangements and intimate candlelight for a romantic ambiance at your reception. You can also make a bold statement by framing your wedding ceremony with a colorful floral altar! Don’t forget to add some texture to your decor with cascading drapery or fun table linens for an ethereal look.

Intimate Lighting

Create an intimate ambiance at your small celebration by adding some simple lighting to your space! Our Café Lights are a great option for smaller venues as they can be hung in various patterns and dimmed to create the perfect amount of light for your ceremony or reception. The dimming feature produces a subtle warm glow that is great for creating an intimate atmosphere for you and your guests. We love to dress them up by mixing them with greenery to create an earthy and detailed look.


We hope this blog post helped you gather some ideas on how to plan the perfect micro wedding that matches your style! Contact us today at info@iesproductions.comto start planning your wedding, whether it be big or small.

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