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Spring into a Season Filled with Love and Happiness

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Goodbye Winter, and hello Spring! Birds are out bright and early chirping again, temperatures are getting warmer, and everyone is radiating optimism and excitement - including us!

Spring is FINALLY in full bloom, and you know what that means - spring wedding season! Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons to host a wedding in Charleston, SC, and we are extremely excited to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams this Spring season! Our favorite aspect of hosting a Spring wedding is that it gives you the opportunity to play around with a such a wide variety of floral and greenery arrangements, color schemes, and various lighting designs and options. Continue reading to get some inspiration for your upcoming Spring wedding!


1. Spring Floral and Greenery Arrangements

If you are a floral and/or greenery connoisseur, then Spring is the perfect season for you to host your wedding! Almost everything blooms during the Spring, so you have the option of choosing from thousands of beautiful floral and fresh greenery arrangements - ultimately ensuring that you find your perfect, dream arrangement! Here at IES, we offer Chandelier and custom-built rentals that can be decorated using your preferred floral and/or greenery arrangements! In addition to this, we also can pair our Café Lights with greenery to give your wedding a naturally-lit ambiance!


2. Color Schemes

Spring is the transition season between Winter and Summer, so hosting a Spring wedding gives you the opportunity to choose absolutely any color scheme you would like! While Winter weddings typically have dull color palettes and Summer weddings typically have vibrant color palettes, Spring weddings present a world of possibilities in regards to color schemes. The world is your oyster when it comes to color choices during Spring weddings, and it is yours to run wild with! We absolutely adore seeing the different color schemes that our clients choose for their spring weddings. Pictured below are some of our favorite color schemes we have participated in!


3. Lighting Designs and Options

Spring weddings also give you the opportunity to choose from a large variety of lighting designs and options! Lighting adds a sentimental, romantic touch to your wedding and creates that memorable, fairytale-like ambiance for you and your guests. No wedding is complete without the perfect lighting pieces, so it is very important to browse all of your options and figure out what you like best! Here at IES, lighting is our specialty, and we offer a plethora of lighting designs and options from Chandeliers, String Lighting and custom builds. Pictured below are some of our favorite lighting designs!


With spring finally in full bloom, we are SO excited to help you begin planning the wedding of your dreams! We can't wait hear about your ideas and bring those ideas to life for you. Contact us today at (843) 410-9998 or email at to start collaborating with our innovative team!

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