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Pretty in Pink - Accentuate Your Pink Palette

Updated: May 2, 2022

When it comes to wedding reception colors, pink is as romantic as it gets! The color pink is associated with romance and love while also standing for hope and optimism. This color is perfect for representing the flush of love, taking passion from the red and combining it with the purity of white. In this blog post, we go over our favorite ways to accentuate a pretty pink palette.

Chandelier and Cafe Lights

To enhance the soft pink tones, try pairing our Royal Chandelier, Mini Crystal Chandelier, and Cafe Lights. The crystal chandeliers help make the soft pink drapes pop against the white for an elegant design. For an outdoor space, our Cafe Lights are perfect for creating an intimate glow that is subtle enough to accentuate the linen without overpowering the pretty pink.

Another way to enhance the pinks of your design is with our Mini Crystal Chandelier. If you are going for a statement, try hanging it above a champagne tower for a glamorous look. To illuminate the venue for guests, our Cafe Lights are perfect. Their warm glow pairs beautifully with the cool crystal chandelier while enhancing the pink touches to the decor.


Statement Chandeliers

When using pink as an accent tone in your design, a single chandelier can have plenty of lighting for the desired aesthetic. The delicate frame of our Valentina Chandelier accentuates the romantic decor without taking attention away from the soft color scheme. To add a fresh touch, try using greenery to romanticize the tent frame while cohesively tying in with the florals.


Multiple Chandeliers

Sometimes a bold look is exactly what you want when planning the lighting for your reception. Hanging multiple chandeliers is the perfect way to achieve this goal. Our golden Darby and Valentina Chandeliers are perfect for a bold, pink color scheme. The soft tones are reflected in the frame of our chandeliers to create a beautiful rose gold look that accentuates the overall decor.

Another luxurious pairing for a pink themed reception is our Empire and Royal Chandeliers. The crystal design of these chandeliers is perfect for the pink decor. The faceted cut of the crystals that adorn our chandeliers reflect the soft tones of the color scheme as they bounce off the translucent crystals. This creates a romantic vibe that is unforgettable!


Create the event of your dreams, no matter the color! Contact us today to see how we can transform your event!

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