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Our Team in the Fall

Updated: May 2, 2022

When it comes to the fall season, there are many different elements that stick out to our team members. From the mesmerizing Low country sunsets, the change in nature, and all of the warm tones amidst the environment, we all love seeing the seasons change here in Charleston, South Carolina. In this blog, we go over some of our teams’ favorite aspects of fall as well as some insights about their favorite fall looks. Keep reading for some spooky fun!

Thomas Smith, the owner of IES, is a huge fan of the crisp weather that comes with the fall. Himself and his wife, Becky, love to spend time outside together so this weather is the perfect fit for them! His favorite lighting for the fall is spooky Halloween lights! Last Halloween, we created a Stranger Things themed design for a private Halloween event at LTP that was unforgettable. He also loves our Tall Thanksgiving centerpiece as a festive touch, especially for Thanksgiving. For Thomas' costume, he would be the Huntsman from Snow White.

Credit: People

Shea Ange, the Operations Manager and Wedding Service Coordinator’s, favorite aspect of fall is, also, the weather. There is something magical about the early sunsets and the cool evenings that make fall a special time. Her ideal fall lighting would be branch fairy lights, cascading through an open space, intricately wrapped with greenery for a fresh, natural look. As for Halloween, Shea’s would want to have a costume designed as a FABulous witch, just like the classic Sander Sisters!

Becky Smith, who works in accounting here at IES, loves all things that have to do with the fall! Some of her favorite elements of fall include cool nights by the warm, crackling campfire and all the delicious pumpkin spice flavored treats that we find around these times. When she thinks of fall, she pictures an outdoor lighting design, utilizing rentals such as Cafe Lights, Up Lights, and our chandeliers, to accentuate the natural elements of the space while maintaining the cozy vibes. For Halloween, she would choose a spooky witch, with horns, for her costume!

Danielle Davis, the Marketing Manager, loves the early morning sunrise that is brought by the time change of fall. She also loves being able to wear fuzzy sweaters to keep warm during the cooler days. Danielle's favorite fall lighting design is warm Branch Fairy Lights, or Cafe Lights, wrapped in dark greenery for a rustic wedding look. This design brings a dark, earthy touch to the aesthetic while maintaining a cohesive look. For Halloween, she would want to be the spunky Fairy Godmother from Shrek.

Credit: Screen Rant

Ashley Riha, the Marketing Assistant, loves the weather and pumpkin flavored delicacies, as well! Her favorite fall lighting design is our mesmerizing Valentina Chandelier paired with an autumn inspired color scheme, dark florals, and dark greenery. The warm lighting emitted from this chandelier pairs with the golden design of the body for an elegant, intimate look that enhances the hues of the aesthetic. For Halloween, Ashley would be Cinderella, a Disney Princess that is just as timeless as our Valentina Chandelier.

Ron Wright, the Warehouse Manager is another fan of the lovely, crisp weather that fall brings. His favorite fall lighting fixture is our Ashley Pendants because of their rattan style and neutral tones. They can be used as a complementary piece to boost the overall aesthetic of the event or put in a cluster for an eye catching statement piece. For Halloween, Ron would want to be a fierce warrior.

Alex Hunter, the Project Manager, loves the change in foliage as well as the gentle cool breeze that is brought by the fall season. His favorite fall lighting design is from last year’s Uncorked, which was an exclusive event that took place at the Cotton Dock at Boonehall Plantation and Garden. For this stunning event, we used Up Lights, Cafe Lights, and our Gloster Chandelier to add a fantastical touch to the event. For Halloween, Alex would be a mad Doctor.


Our team looks forward to creating unforgettable moments for our clients, no matter the season. Contact us today to see how we can add an innovative touch to your event!

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