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Our Recommended Florist Vendors

Updated: May 2, 2022

In order to create a memorable, stunning event, you will need a team of various vendors that all collaboratively work together to achieve your event dreams and aspirations. Here at IES, we have the opportunity and pleasure of working with a great group of amazing vendors! We thoroughly enjoy the connections we make with our fellow vendors and absolutely adore the events we create together.

Some of our favorite vendors to work with are our fellow florist vendors! We love working side-by-side with florists to collaborate on creative, artistic, and innovative designs. We frequently work with florists to create unique floral and lighting designs that will bring an element of magic to your special day.

Charleston, SC is full of many florists that are all extremely talented people who are absolutely phenomenal at what they do! Some of our most recommended florist vendors are Branch Design Studio, Roadside Blooms, and Petaloso. Keep reading to learn more about each of these florist vendors and to see some of the beautiful designs we have created together!


Recommendation #1 - Branch Design Studio

Branch Design Studio

Located in Mount Pleasant, SC, Branch Design Studio is a family-owned business that has been designing phenomenal floral arrangements for weddings and events in Charleston for the past several years. They are owned and operated by two sisters, Leslie and Sarah, who work alongside with their team to help bring each of their client's floral dreams to life! Branch Design Studio absolutely adores what they do, and they will do anything they can to bring joy to you through their services. Their arrangements and designs are absolutely extraordinary, and you are guaranteed to love your wedding floral arrangement with Branch Design Studio as your florist vendor! Here at IES, we adore working with Branch Design Studio because their floral arrangements and our lighting designs paired together have created some exceptionally stunning weddings and events! Pictured below are some of the beautiful designs we have created together using Branch Design Studio's floral arrangements and our Fairy Lights, Edison Lights, Café Lights, and Large Royal Chandelier!


Florist Recommendation #2 - Roadside Blooms

Roadside Blooms

Located in North Charleston, SC, Roadside Blooms is a leader of Charleston's "green and local movement" and has been working in both the floral-design and event-planning industries for over ten years. Their founder, Toni Reale, was actually recognized as one of Charlie magazine's "50 Most Progressive People" in Charleston in 2014! Roadside Blooms is a strong supporter of the sustainability movement and passionately believes that beauty and sustainability work in concert - so you are guaranteed to have an absolutely stunning floral arrangement that is also environmentally-conscious with Roadside Blooms as your florist vendor! We adore working with Roadside Blooms because their their lovely floral arrangements beautifully accentuate our various lighting rentals! Pictured below are a few lovely events that feature our Darby Chandelier and our Café Lights paired with Roadside Bloom's stunning floral arrangements!


Florist Recommendation #3 - Petaloso


Located in Charleston, SC, Petaloso is a creative, full-service floral design company that has created stunning floral arrangements for events, weddings, anniversaries, and fundraisers for over a decade. The company's name, Petaloso, is Italian for "full of petals," which is the perfect way to describe them - "so fun and full of petals!" Petaloso approaches each event as a one-of-a-kind work of art, so you are guaranteed to have a unique, gorgeous floral arrangement with Petaloso as your florist vendor. We love working with Petaloso because our lighting designs and their floral designs coincide together so beautifully - ultimately creating a magical event for both you and your guests! Featured below are some snapshots of the lovely events we have designed utilizing Petaloso's floral arrangements and our Café Lights, Champagne Wall, Darby Chandelier, Luxe Chandelier, Valentina Chandelier, and Double Tiered Crystal Chandeliers.


Lighting designs and floral arrangements are essential to any wedding or event, and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such amazing florist vendors here in Charleston, SC!

If you want to start planning the wedding or event of your dreams, contact us today at (843) 410-9998 or email to speak with a member of our innovative team!

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