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Monochromatic Weddings

Updated: May 2, 2022

We love to see brides incorporating fun, bold colors into their wedding decor. One trending wedding theme is monochromatic decor. Monochromatic incorporates hues, shades, and tones of the same color throughout the details of the event to create a universal color palette. Keep reading to learn more ways to incorporate the monochromatic style into your very own wedding decor!



Using green tones is a great way to create an earthy, organic look! Green is known for being the most relaxing color for the human eye and is associated with feelings of peace. This gorgeous reception at Magnolia Plantation created this look by utilizing green in their hanging floral arrangements, lush greenery, and tabletop decor. To accentuate the natural look, our Cafe Lights were draped from the peak of the tent to add a touch of warmth. For the magical tent entrance, our Fairy Lights were used to create a glowing canopy that was lined with more refreshing greenery.


White weddings are always a hit! White is associated with purity, goodness, and faith. White weddings are a timeless choice for brides who want to create an elegant look that creates a sense of serenity. Our Empire Chandeliers were the perfect addition to this Lowndes Grove wedding. Their elegant crystal design accentuated the white decor of the lounge area as well as the dining area and dance floor.


Pink is commonly known for its association with romance, kindness, and femininity and evokes a sense of calm upon immediate exposure. Soft shades of this color are commonly seen for holidays like Valentine's day and are perfect for creating a romantic look. For this Fripp Island wedding design, soft pink drape was layered with the classic white to accentuate the pink tabletop decor. To brighten this space without taking away from the pink aesthetic, our Royal Chandelier was hung in combination with our Mini Crystal Chandelier to pull together this elegant look.


This William Aiken House wedding plays on the iridescent color scheme purple hues. Purple is associated with creativity, magic, and wisdom. Light purple is known for being more feminine and creating a refined look that is nostalgic and luxurious. For this wedding reception, not only was the iridescent purple seen throughout the decor but with the drape and lighting as well. Our Mirror Balls were hung along the peak to reflect the iridescent drape while our Up Lights were used throughout the tent to enhance the purple atmosphere.


Brown is associated with feelings of strength and reliability; characteristics that are perfect for beginning your journey with your significant other. This wedding reception at the Boone Hall Cotton Dock utilized the wooden aesthetic offered by this venue. To pull the look together the wooden bar, tables, and chairs were placed throughout the event space. To add an elegant touch, our timeless crystal chandeliers were hung along the wooden banister to enhance the rustic tones.


Whether your ideal wedding is monochromatic or a combination of bright colors - we can work to create whatever aesthetic you desire! Contact us today to begin planning your dream event!

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