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Modern Minimalist Wedding Trend

Updated: May 2, 2022

Modern minimalism is a wedding trend we are seeing everywhere this year! This wedding aesthetic focuses on the beauty of simplicity in a way that sparks joy. If you think that less is more, then this wedding style may be right for you. Featuring geometric detailing, crisp linens, organic greenery, and a neutral palette, modern minimalism is about keeping the attention on what is truly important without all of the frilly distractions. Keep reading to learn more about how you can create this look with your venue, lighting, and decor!


When it comes to a wedding that is focused on modern minimalism, the venue is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor space, we recommend looking for options that offer a blank canvas for your design. You want a venue that won’t distract from the elements of your design or you can choose to use an element of your venue for a focal point. The benefits of an outdoor space is the ability to utilize the natural elements, such as the rays of sun for natural light or trees for a touch of whimsy.

The Kiawah Ocean Course, pictured upper left, is a perfect example of the endless possibilities of an outdoor venue. As an added bonus, the iconic Charleston sunset creates a stunning backdrop for your special day. Tents are also great for outdoor spaces because they provide shade from the sun while also protecting your event from unknown weather conditions. If an indoor space is more up your alley, then a venue with the bare minimum (think four walls and a ceiling) is ideal. The Boone Hall Cotton Dock, pictured upper right, is a great space for a minimalist design. The wooden beams and simplistic layout allows brides and planners to really transform this space.


Modern minimalism focuses on bringing shapes and geometric touches to your design. This can be done with sleek Darby Chandeliers, pictured bottom right, or transitional Gold Leaf Trellis Chandeliers, pictured bottom left. The goal is to create a clean, contemporary look that enhances the neutral tones of your wedding design. If you want your lighting to be an accent rather than a focal point, Cafe Lighting is a great choice. You can pair string lights with greenery for an earthy touch, pictured top right, or pair it with a crystal chandelier for a touch of elegance.


Modern minimalism isn’t necessarily about removing details, it is about making every detail intentional. Rather than bringing in a variety of decor elements, this style pushes through all the fussy, distracting elements, to create a clean, contemporary look. For the ceremony, this can mean framing your vows in a unique, romantic way that keeps the attention on the bride and groom while emphasizing the natural beauty of the venue. When it comes to your reception, neutral tones, delicate greenery, and organic elements are perfect for creating a soft and airy look. Design your tabletops with geometric shapes and give one bloom center stage to give your table-scape meaning that exudes romance. For a fun focal point, try opting for an unexpected decor element for guests to discover. Whether this means choosing a champagne tower or hanging a swing from the branch of an old oak, this can create a fun focal point for your wedding design.


Let us shine light on every element of your special day - big or small! Contact us today to begin planning the event of your dreams!

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