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Internship Success Stories

Innovative Event Services has been creating unforgettable events since 2005. We love having interns join our team to gain hands on experience and knowledge. IES offers internships in the tech department and marketing department. This spring, IES had three College of Charleston students, two marketing interns and a marketing manager who all graduated this past weekend. Continue reading to learn about their success stories and how IES helped shape their professional careers.


Lyndsay Johnson

Lyndsay joined the IES marketing team as a marketing intern in August 2020 as she was beginning her senior year at College of Charleston. Prior to joining the IES team, Lyndsay had one previous marketing internship and was excited to gain more hands on experience in the marketing field. She came in with an eagerness to learn and grow, and that's exactly what she did. Lyndsay's go-getter attitude meshed perfectly at a company that prides themselves as being innovative. She thrived working in a setting where she could be creative, and come up with new ideas or ways of doing things.

The natural born leader in Lyndsay came out quickly after starting her internship. Lyndsay describes herself as, "Someone who strives not to just meet expectations, but to exceed them". Lyndsay's innovative problem solving skills allowed her to spot opportunities for improvement to then develop and implement strategies and solutions for the opportunities. A few of Lyndsay's successes as an intern include, establishing a monthly marketing content calendar, developing a brand image guide, and designing a secondary logo on Adobe Illustrator to use across social media. As an intern, Lyndsay gained experience in content creation as she wrote blog posts, created email campaigns, and designed content on Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign. She grew her social media marketing experience as she published posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In January 2021, Lyndsay became the marketing manager at IES. She was thrilled that all her hard work was acknowledged and that she was given the opportunity to continue to grow. One of the first goals Lyndsay set for herself as marketing manager was to develop more structure for the marketing internship program. She completed this goal through creating on-boarding and training presentations for new interns and continuing to make monthly marketing content calendars. Lyndsay also saw an opportunity to refresh the IES website. While working on the IES website, Lyndsay strived to develop a seamless user experience for website visitors, carry a consistent brand image across all the website pages, and update it with recent images of IES' work. Lyndsay also began recording analytics for digital and social media platforms to track performance and use the analytics to influence her future marketing decisions. She also used the analytics to guide monthly marketing presentations she would create to go over with the interns to talk about the successes of the last months marketing and discuss the areas of opportunities going into the next month. Lyndsay also developed a marketing budget for IES and began using the budget on search engine marketing through Google Ads and paid social media campaigns.

Lyndsay recently accepted a full-time position as a Digital Media Analyst at Digital Ignite, a local Charleston marketing agency. Although we are sad to see Lyndsay go, we wish her nothing but the best and are excited to continue to watch her grow in her marketing career. Lyndsay believes that her experience at IES has truly shaped her into the marketer she is today. She attributes a lot of her success to IES for allowing her to explore and grow in her professional marketing career.


Nicole Morgan

Prior to joining Innovative Event Services, Nicole had a few sales and marketing internships throughout her college experience, but as she was entering her senior year of college she couldn't help but feel that she was lacking skills and projects relevant to the field of marketing. Nicole knew that she had a passion for the entertainment industry and wanted to leverage her current marketing knowledge and communication skills to promote a brand in the local Charleston area, and that's when she came across IES.

Nicole joined IES as a marketing intern at the beginning of 2021. As an intern for IES, Nicole was able to contribute to the social media platform strategies and assist in maintaining a consistent presence on platforms while building a strong brand image for the company. Nicole was able to explore creative software's such as photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Canva in order to create quality visual and written content for IES. Nicole learned how to conduct research on relevant industry trends, keep up to date on industry news, and incorporate new knowledge into blog posts, email campaigns, and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. During her time at IES, Nicole learned how to dive into the analytics and interpret important social media metrics and KPIs such as engagement, impressions, reach, follows, and more. Learning how to interpret these metrics and KPIs to measure the performance of campaigns and how to strategize on increasing our reach was such a valuable skill to learn.

Nicole's time at IES was a wonderful learning experience in which she was able to add projects to her portfolio, learn new skills, and make meaningful contributions to the social media and marketing strategies for IES.


Delaina Satterfield

Delaina joined the IES marketing team as a marketing intern in January 2021 during her senior year at College of Charleston. Prior to joining the IES team, Delaina had worked within Charleston's food and beverage industry for a few years and had acquired several marketing certifications; however, she was looking for a more in-depth and hands-on marketing experience to further develop and enhance her skills within the marketing industry - and that is when she found IES!

Since joining the IES marketing team, Delaina has developed an endless marketing portfolio to apply towards her future endeavors. She came to IES with an eagerness and willingness to grow as a young professional, and one of her favorite parts of our marketing internship was getting to have an involved presence in Charleston's wedding and event industry. As her time as a marketing intern, Delaina acquired professional experience with maintaining integrated marketing communications across three major social media platforms - Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, and she also dived into IES' marketing analytics and helped to identify and interpret important social media metrics for IES. In addition to this, Delaina further developed her creativity skills by extensively utilizing Canva to design engaging and aesthetically-pleasing marketing content for IES' brand image, and she additionally enhanced her writing skills by composing captivating blog posts and email campaigns each week for IES.

Delaina is so humbled to have had the opportunity to be a part of the marketing team at IES, and she is so thankful for each and every member of IES' team for helping her to grow as a young professional in the marketing industry. She believes that this internship experience has been beneficial in several ways to her future marketing career, and she recommends it to any young professional that is looking to acquire a plethora of marketing knowledge!


We congratulate our three graduates and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors. We are also happy to welcome two new summer marketing interns as part of our team. If you or someone you know is interested in a tech or marketing internship, get in touch with us and email for more info!

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