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How to Bring Warmth to Your Event

Updated: May 2, 2022

Lighting is an essential part of the ambiance for any event. It is the difference between cool hues or warm, inviting vibes. As we get into the cooler period of the year, keeping a warm atmosphere becomes quintessential. Here are some of our recommendations to add a bit of warmth to your event.


Our Valentina Chandelier brings warmth to the event with its delicate golden frame adorned with crystal drips. They can transform a space into a romantic, memorable moment. Try hanging them in a row along the peak of the tent for a luxurious touch.

For a modern look, try our geometric Darby Chandelier. The sleek body of this chandelier makes it perfect for statement pieces. A cluster of our Darby chandeliers creates an intimate ambiance that will leave a lasting impression with its warm glow.

For a rustic aesthetic, our Gold Trellis Chandelier is the perfect lighting choice. The chic frame catches the eye with its transitional design. The four lights of this fixture illuminates the space with golden rays.

String Lights

Cafe Lights are perfect for accentuating the space with an intimate glow. They can be hung in versatile patterns to personalize the amount of lighting desired. Use them to illuminate outdoor spaces to keep the festivities going into the evening hours while boosting the ambiance.

Create a glowing canopy above the heads of your guests with our Twinkle Lights for a romantic touch to the decor. They can enhance the space in a timeless way whether the venue is inside or outside. During the evening hours they light up the sky like stars.

Lighting Design

Romanticize your space with the earthy touch of Cafe Lights paired with greenery. This lighting design is another great way to add warmth to your space while incorporating the beauty of nature. Create a statement with a bold choice of foliage for lush, dreamy vibes.

Cafe Lights paired with one of our timeless chandeliers has the added benefits of a layered look with a meticulously crafted design. The chandeliers add a luxurious touch to the design that will have every guest under the spell of the romantic vibes.

For a custom look, try our Hanging Edison Lights. These can be paired with greenery and florals for an eye-catching centerpiece. We also have our 60in Round Structure with Edison Lights, pictured in the middle, that adds a romantic touch when hung above the dance floor. These lights bring warmth with the soft glow that can be enhanced with decorative detail.

Warm up your event today with one of our innovative rentals! Email us at or call us at (843)410-9888 to see how we can transform your event.


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