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Everything IES Loves About Fall Weddings

Updated: May 2, 2022

As the weather gets cooler, Innovative Event Services gets busier! Fall is the most popular season for weddings for a reason, and in this blog post, we will go over everything we love about putting on fall weddings! From the beautiful outdoor receptions and lounge areas to the magnificent Charleston sunsets, and fall decor, there is so much to love about a cozy fall atmosphere.

Outdoor Receptions

One of our favorite parts about fall weddings are the beautiful outdoor receptions. The weather is the perfect in-between of winter and summer that makes for an ideal outdoor celebration for you and your guests. You may decide to hold your reception in an open-air tent, a barn, or entirely outdoors, but there are plenty of perfect fall designs to fit your needs. Some of our favorite designs include an open-air tent complete with Café Lights, fall florals, and greenery! Another way to spruce up your reception is by hanging one of our chandeliers for a warm glow over your dining tables. The Leran Pendant (top left) is one of our favorite fall-inspired lighting options because of its neutral color and rattan texture.

Outdoor Lounge Areas

On top of outdoor receptions, there is also the option for fun and unique outdoor lounge areas for your guests to relax in the crisp weather. A comfy seating area is perfect for the fall season. We love the look of combining natural color schemes with darker tones for a rustic yet chic fall atmosphere. Complete your outdoor lounge by floating one of our many chandelier rentals above for an unforgettable look.

Charleston Sunsets

Fall is one of the best times to catch our beautiful sunsets between 6:30 and 7:30 in the evening. It also creates the perfect opportunity for after ceremony sunset pictures! When the golden glow of the sun hits your venue, it creates a magical ambiance like no other. Our Café Lights are a fantastic multi-functional lighting option that continues to give off a golden glow as the sun sets so you can continue to celebrate all night long!

Fall Products

Creating a warm ambiance is a necessity for a fall wedding! Our Lanterns, which are available in both white and black and are the perfect fall decor piece for your wedding. They look adorable with fall foliage and pumpkins as table decor. Another unique way to light up your wedding could be using them as a reception entrance for a magical look.

Fun Facts

We all know that fall weddings are the most popular because of the beautiful weather, cozy ambiance, and vibrant fall colors, but here are some interesting facts about fall weddings. According to The Knot, 16% of couples chose to marry in October making it the most popular month, followed by September with 15%. Innovative Event Services kept busy during October by helping to put on 33 weddings. One thing to note when planning for a wedding in Charleston is that fall is the height of hurricane season, so be ready to create a rain plan if needed!


We hope you love fall weddings as much as we do! Contact our innovative team today at to start planning the fall wedding of your dreams.

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