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Behind-the-Scenes: Wedding Reception at Magnolia Plantation

Updated: May 2, 2022

This month, we have been celebrating March Madness with a competition of our own. After selecting various weddings that feature different venues throughout the lowcountry and various styles, we hosted an Instagram competition. We put 16 weddings in head-to-head matchups daily to let our audience pick their favorite design. The wedding with the most votes advanced to the next round and after weeks of collecting votes, we finally crowned our champion. Keep reading to learn about what makes this wedding reception from Magnolia Plantation and Gardens a fan favorite!


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a large property including a historic house and gardens located on the Ashley River in Charleston County. It is one of America’s last large-scale romantic-style gardens, making it a premiere wedding destination for couples. The bride chose this particular venue because of the natural elegance it exudes and wanted to highlight every romantic aspect of it. To do this, she opted for an open-air aesthetic tied in a monochromatic look. Due to having to reschedule 3 different times because of Covid, this bride really wanted to amp up the WOW-factor to create a jaw dropping moment for guests who were finally able to celebrate with the couple. The use of green and white throughout the design complimented the natural elements present on this venue.


Walking up to the tent, the first thing that captures the attention is the Bee Light tent entrance. The Bee Light effect was created using strands upon strands of delicate Fairy Lights complemented by greenery, to give the newly weds the stunning entrance they deserve! This then leads guests into the main attraction: the tent. We used strands of our Cafe Lights to highlight the abundance of florals without taking attention away from the focal points of the design.

Decor & Florals

If the bride made anything clear, it was that she wanted to be surrounded by florals upon florals! Petaloso

did an amazing job achieving this look by putting Freedom Tulips everywhere the eye could see. Freedom Tulips, known as the light seeker, are known for their ability to continue growing towards the light, even when cut from its roots. Over 2000 of these tulips were suspended in chandelier-like structures to create floral focal points above the main tables. The tulips were tied in throughout the design in various places, from the tent entrance, to the tabletop decor.

Regardless of having to cancel 3 times due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise this wedding received the most votes throughout our march madness competition as this bride wanted to inspire her guests the moment they stepped onto the property! We hope this design can inspire future brides who won’t let anything, even a pandemic, stop them from having the most special and beautiful day of their lives!

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