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10 Ways to Brighten Rainy Day Weddings

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The old proverb, “April showers bring May flowers,” is a popular saying that serves as a reminder of the wonderful sights and smells to come in May. Mother nature often has plans of her own and weather can be quite an unpredictable force of nature, making it important to have a rainy day plan for Spring weddings.

Many couples who choose one of Charlestons beautiful outdoor venues opt to have a tent regardless of the weather. Other couples who would prefer to keep things al fresco only have a tent lined up as part of their rainy day plan. In this guide, we have put together a collection for our 10 favorite "rainy day options" to help inspire your tent lighting. Take a peek below for proof that rainy day weddings can be just as magical as you dreamed of.


Our beaded, crystal Empire Chandeliers are the perfect, elegant touch for a timeless wedding reception. We recommend hanging two or more together from the peak of a tent to achieve this look.

Brides going for a glamorous style wedding often worry a tent will ruin the elegance. Luckily, that's not necessarily the case. A clear top tent, elegant yet simple white drapes, and our Luxe Chandelier effortlessly work together creating this gorgeous, glamorous design.

Our Leran Pendants can be used to create a cluster of chandeliers, which is a great way to illuminate the space and add a little romance to the dance floor. Take your lighting design to the next level by adding in cafe lights. When the suns sets, our Café Lights strung from the clear top tent can create the most magical starry night ambiance.

We are loving all of the tented weddings this season, but don't forget to light the way to a beautiful celebration. Consider mixing our White & Black Cafe Lights in your lighting design, which can be beautifully cascaded over your tented wedding reception space and can even withstand the rain!

Our Darby Chandeliers have smooth lines with a modern lantern-style accent, and beautifully accentuate any wedding space or venue! Hang multiple Darby's in a clear top tent with intricate draping to achieve this design.

Looking for a statement piece? Consider adding our Royal Chandelier to your tented wedding reception. The intricate crystal beading makes it the perfect addition for a classic wedding style, and it comes in a small (10-light) and large (15-light) option.

Rain or shine, hung in a tent or from a tree, our Valentina Chandeliers are a popular choice. They're available in a 6-light and 12-light option and are known for creating timeless moments for classic wedding receptions.

The Gold Leaf Trellis Chandeliers are a 4-light simple, yet elegant lighting choice for a tented space. This chandelier emits soft, warm lighting that will make your special day feel intimate and memorable.

Twinkle Lights are the perfect way to transform your reception space. Creating the feeling as if you're under thousands of twinkly stars, they're prefect for adding a warm, radiant glow to your wedding.

For those who crave that fresh and natural feeling of an outdoor reception, we recommend bringing nature into the tent. Combining greenery with lighting is a great way to develop a cohesive feel to the design, and our Ravenwood Chandelier are perfect for creating a one of a kind touch to your wedding lighting.


Rain or shine, our innovative team is ready to help you plan for your magical day. Contact us today at (843) 410-9998 or email at to start collaborating with our team!

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