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2021 Fall Wedding Trends

Updated: May 2, 2022

In Charleston, summer may feel like it’s still in full swing, but according to the calendar last Wednesday was the first day of fall! That also means that it’s the start of an abundance of fall weddings. Why not enhance the fall feeling on your special day by incorporating some fall-inspired wedding trends? In this blog post, we will go over some of our favorite venues, lighting, and decor ideas that we hope will inspire your fall wedding design.

Rustic Wedding Venues

The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall

The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall is located on the grounds of the historic Boone Hall Plantation! It is one of our favorite rustic venues to work with and boasts plenty of room for draping Café Lights across the wooden beams or floating dazzling chandeliers over your bar. The wooden walls and brick fireplace make for a warm and cozy environment for you and your guests during the fall months.

Mingo Point on Kiawah Island

Mingo Point is a rustic low country venue nestled next to the Kiawah River! It encompasses all the necessities for the perfect fall wedding, including oak trees, sheltered areas, and bonfire pits to keep your guests warm as the night sets in. We love to adorn the indoor ceiling with our Café Lights or drape them across the outdoor area for a warm glow over your dining area. To add a little luxury to this rustic venue, consider floating a Crystal Chandelier from the oak trees!

Bold Fall Color Palettes

Fall weddings are perfect for incorporating deep, warm colors similar to the changing of the leaves. Some of our favorites are warm oranges, reds, and yellows mixed with dark greens. The outdoor wedding above incorporates these colors in their table linens and florals for a cohesive look throughout the reception. For a unique fall lighting design consider wrapping our Café Lights with dark greenery to enhance the fall aesthetic and illuminate the space with an intimate glow.

Fall Inspired Lighting Designs

Some of our favorite fall-inspired wedding lighting designs include our Leran Pendants and our Lowcountry Crab Baskets. Not only do they add a coastal element to your Charleston wedding, but their neutral tones looks great with rustic fall venues and bold color schemes. Hanging them in combination with our Café Lights adds a warm glow and a feeling of warmth to your fall wedding.

Trendy Wedding Arches

Our 7-Foot Moon Arch is perfect for matching the fall vibes by decorating it with colorful fall flowers and lush greenery that will fit the theme you are looking for. Try adding some of our Lanterns with candles for added ambiance and a warm glow during your wedding ceremony.


Start planning your dream fall wedding today by contacting us at (843) 410-9888 or !

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