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2021 Event Trends

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We, along with people across the entire world, have been excitedly anticipating the arrival of 2021. As we enthusiastically enter this year, our passion lies within helping you to fulfill your event dreams and aspirations. Do you want to make sure that your event has a lasting impact on your guests? Read below to learn about the most popular 2021 event trends that we are more than happy to assist you with!


Trend 1 - Outdoor Events:

Because most people were idling in their homes for the majority of 2020, we are expecting a substantial increase in outdoor events during 2021. Outdoor events give you, as the host, the opportunity to host a scenic, stunning event while also taking the health and safety of your guests into consideration. In addition to this, outdoor events promote social distancing and follow safety regulations - allowing both you and your guests to feel safe and comfortable at your event. Want to make sure that your outdoor event leaves your guests wishing for more? We offer various outdoor rentals for a wide array of events - including energetic, dynamic events as well as intimate, romantic events! If you are looking to entertain your guests at your next event, consider renting our audio and video equipment or our Stage and DJ lighting to create an energetic, exciting ambiance that will leave your guests speechless! On the other hand, if you are looking to create a warm, inviting ambiance at your next event, consider renting our elegantly-hung Chandeliers and Café Lights to set the perfect mood for you and your guests.


Trend 2 - Staying Closer to Home

Another event trend we are expecting to see during 2021 is an increase in people choosing to host their events and weddings closer to home. Nowadays, people are more hesitant to travel long distances due to the possible exposure of COVID-19, so a lot of people are choosing to host their events locally. Luckily, our office is located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina - a city renowned for its southern charm, stunning scenic views, and generous hospitality. Click here to check out some of the beautiful event venues located in Charleston, SC, that we have worked with and highly recommend for your next event!


Trend 3 - Hybrid Events:

As we proceed into 2021, hybrid events are also becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid events limit the number of in-person attendance and promote guest satisfaction. In addition to this, hybrid events provide your events with more flexibility and give you, as the host, the opportunity to share your event with as many guests as you would like - regardless of whether they are physically able to attend your event or not. At IES, we are committed to helping you fulfill your event dreams and want to do absolutely everything we possibly can to ensure that you and your guests have a day/night to remember. In addition to providing rentals and services for your event, we also offer virtual streaming services via Zoom or via a website link specifically tailored for your special event. Click here to contact us about our streaming packages and services!


Trend 4 - Increased Sanitation Procedures:

The final event trend we are expecting to see in 2021 is an increase in sanitation procedures. Businesses and corporations around the globe are taking extra sanitation precautions this year to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to promote the safety of individuals everywhere. We stand right alongside these businesses, and we are devoted to partaking in every sanitation procedure we possibly can to ensure the safety of both you and your guests. A few of the sanitation services we offer are hand sanitizer station rentals, disinfecting foggers, and social distancing floor plans. Click here to view our safety rentals.


Although the event space is currently looking a little different than usual, we are extremely optimistic and looking forward to all of the opportunities that this new year brings. We are excited to work with you and to help bring your event dreams to life this year! Visit our website and contact us to let us help you make 2021 the best year yet!

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