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Vintage Wedding Decor

Vintage wedding decor has taken the 2022 wedding industry by storm! This wedding style isn’t about using actual vintage items (although if you can, we totally recommend it). Rather, it’s about bringing details that incorporate elevated elements from the past and present that bring a timeless, ethereal vibe to your wedding day. You want to incorporate pieces that bridge the gap between past and present in a subtle, yet romantic, way. Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate this theme throughout your reception!


Crystal Details

One way to create a vintage feel through lighting is with crystal or pearl detailing. Finding lighting that not only illuminates your wedding but also enhances the aesthetic is crucial. If you are looking for an earthy vibe, you can always pair greenery with the lighting fixtures for that extra bit of pizzazz.

Mismatched Chandeliers

Another great way to create this aesthetic is by mixing and matching chandeliers. Try pairing crystal chandeliers with gold or silver to create an unforgettable look. The feel of this lighting combination brings a unique twist to the vintage style while also creating a one-of-a-kind look.

Exposed Bulbs

Exposed bulbs are one of our favorite ways to create a vintage aesthetic. This lighting style creates a standout detail when suspended above the dining tables or dance floors. Hanging Edison Lights are perfect for these hanging boards. They have the ability to transform a space to feel both rustic and historic.


Lounge Area

Lounge areas are the place where your guests can go to relax away from the festivities. Don’t let this space get overlooked, it has so much potential for enhancing your overall theme. For lounge areas, art deco decor is perfect for this vibe. Use fun, colored furniture that balances new and old styled decor to match the theme.

Dining Area

The dining area takes the cake when it comes to decor. You can really focus on your vintage theme throughout this space. Your tablescape can be designed with a variety of lace touches, textured chargers or table runners, candelabras, mixed china, prints, colors, and textures. Not only does this create dimension but also an ambiance that is as romantic as it is timeless.


Bring your vintage theme to every area of your wedding – even the bar! The key to creating a vintage look with your bar is to balance those new and old decor pieces, as mentioned above. Wooden bars can create a textured look that enhances the antique feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces so that you can make your space feel planned out and tasteful. The bar can be kept more simplistic if you are trying to avoid an overly themed look.


When it comes to the color palette of your vintage wedding, gold and silver will be your go-to. Vintage aesthetics give us major Great Gatsby vibes and we love it! Pair your pastels or neutrals with silvers and golds for a wow-factor. If you really want to enhance your look, try pairing these metallic accents with muted tones such as ivory and taupe.


Whether you're going for a vintage style or something more modern, let IES light the way! Contact our innovative team today to begin planning your dream wedding or event!

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