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Swing into Spring

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Spring is such a beautiful time of year as flowers are blooming, children are back outdoors playing, and the weather is just right. If you are having your spring wedding reception outdoors you probably love the scenery at your venue. Still, most couples want to find a way to add their own personal touch on their wedding venue to truly make it their own. One unique way to add a delightful touch of nostalgia to your outdoor wedding reception is with our Swing rentals.

Swings are a charming, interactive design element which will allow you and your guests to make memories that will last a lifetime. Swings may not be the most traditional wedding decor choice, however, this trend is increasing in popularity for outdoor receptions. In this blog, we explore why we love swings at weddings, as well as, provide some swing inspiration to help you envision different ways you could use our swings.

Our Swings


Our swings create a perfect photo op to capture fun, candid couples photos. Swings are especially great if either the bride and/or groom doesn't enjoy taking pictures. Swinging will allow you to relax and get some natural looking shots that don't feel too 'posed'.

Have a large tree that stands out or feels out of place at your venue? Turn it into a functioning part of your reception design by adding our simple, wooden swings. Swings are a great way to make natural elements of your venue such as trees feel like an intentional part of the overall design.

Rustic, wooden swings hanging from a tree for an outdoor wedding reception at Lowndes Grove in Charleston, South Carolina

Adding swings to your outdoor venue also provides an outlet to keep younger guests entertained.

Swing Inspiration


A swing with ropes adorned in greenery and floral accents is perfect for capturing dreamy bridal portraits.

Use greenery and florals from other areas of your reception design to decorate the swings giving them a romantic, cohesive feel tying them in with the rest of your overall aesthetic.

Twinkle Lights draped from the branches above creates an enchanting scenery. When the sun begins to set this whimsical ambiance will make you feel like you're in a fairytale.

For a unique approach, hang swings inside a tent near the dance floor. The swings will provide guests a place to rest their feet but still feel included in the celebrations. The light greenery accents on the swings ropes adds a touch of elegance and helps tie together the swings with the floral arrangements inside the tent.

Ribbon accents are a low-cost way to add a little detail to swings. You can't go wrong with simple white ribbons, or add a pop of color and get ribbons that match your reception's color palate, either way the ribbons will look beautiful blowing in the wind.


Feeling inspired? Give us a call at (843) 410-9998 or email us at to start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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