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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

With its coastal views and historic background, Charleston, South Carolina is a key destination for outdoor weddings. We know that it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the possibilities and things to consider when planning a wedding. So, to help make things a little easier, we have compiled 3 key elements that are essential to nailing an outdoor summer wedding in Charleston. We hope this helps!


1. Lighting

When designing your perfect outdoor wedding, you want the light to be just as great as the decor. Well, we have you covered! Lighting possibilities can be endless but don’t worry, we will help guide you through amazing designs for wedding lighting.

Café Lights are extremely versatile and perfect for any wedding style. They can be strung over a dance floor, walkway, inside a tent, or over the whole reception venue. Consider adding chandeliers alongside our Café Lights for an enchanting lighting design. You can also intertwine greenery with the Café Lights for a more natural feel.

Scallop lighting designs make for beautiful decorations during the day and the perfect lighting by night. The drape style adds an enchanting element to your venue. At night the draping really turns into a wow factor while it lights the reception. This design looks best with Fairy Lights (middle) and Twinkle Lights (left and right).

Sometimes, you don’t need much decoration, just the emphasis on the environment around you. Wrapping, covering, hanging, or draping lights over trees adds a beautiful emphasis to nature at your venue. It can make for a picturesque scene that the guests will love.

Chandeliers being hung from trees doubles as decor and lighting! Many times couples will pair chandeliers with Café lighting to create the perfect ambiance. Hanging chandeliers in trees add enchantment to the venue by using the venue's natural beauty and pairing it with romantic lighting.

Up Lights are perfect for adding walkway lighting to your event. It looks beautiful and doesn’t leave your guests in the dark, literally! Up Lights can display a multitude of colors. It is a fun way to add your color scheme to the lighting!


2. Greenery

Whether you are adding greenery to your centerpieces, decor, or around your lighting it can add a perfect summer element to your wedding. Tropical-inspired weddings obviously need to incorporate some type of greenery, so why not get creative with it!

Café Lights intertwined with greenery (photo on the left) is a perfect way to add charming detail to your wedding. Or add some light greenery on our Darby Chandelier (middle photo). Our Branch Fairy Lights (photo on the left) are made to look like little branches and look amazing when intertwined with greenery.

Summer is a perfect time to make a statement with greenery! For a unique twist, load lots of lush greenery onto our Ravenwood Chandelier (photo on the left). Or get a one-of-a-kind statement piece! We built a custom lighting fixture that was covered in tropical greenery and our Edison lights hanging from it (middle photo). Another custom build we made was a round structure with greenery covering the outer edge and Edison Lights hanging from the center (photo on the right).


3. Airy Venues

Charleston can get pretty hot in the summer so an open airy venue is a must! Take a look at some of the venues we consistently work with!

Boone Hall Cotton Dock is a beautiful venue surrounded by lots of large oak trees for shade and nestled up against a tidal marsh for a nice breeze off of the water, Boone Hall is a great summer wedding venue.

Another airy venue right off of the ocean channels is Lowndes Grove (Photo on the right). You may notice this venue from Outerbanks, the Netflix series, as Sarah Cameron’s house. This venue has a large lawn area that is perfect for tents, which is a great way to provide some shade for guests. In the lawn area, there is also a large tree that is the perfect spot to hang our swings or statement chandeliers from.


Contact our innovative team to light the way for your outdoor summer wedding!

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