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Seasonal Wedding Touches

Updated: May 2, 2022

Seasonal wedding touches are a timeless trend that we will never get tired of. From eccentric florals to cool hues, every season has its own unique elements that can be incorporated into the design of your special day. Keep reading to learn more about some gorgeous seasonal touches that we have seen.

Fall Touch

Fall touches are all about saturated color palettes and overflowing autumn foliage. The rich orange table decor paired with the dark greenery are an autumn wedding dream. Our Cafe Lights line the tent to create a warm glow above the heads of every guest in a subtle yet intimate way to enhance the earthy aesthetic.


Another way to bring a touch of fall to your decor is with a statement piece. We have used our hanging Edison Lights to create a rustic centerpiece with greenery and florals for an unforgettable design at Lowndes Grove. We also hung our 60 in. Round Structure above the dance floor to enhance the earthy aesthetic. Our sleek Gold Leaf Trellis Chandelier brought a refined touch with its golden design.

Winter Touch

The winter brings a time for cool tones and intimate vibes. A clear top tent allows for the aesthetic of an open space while keeping the warmth inside. To romanticize the space, we line the tent with our Twinkle Lights to form a glowing canopy. During the evening hours, they illuminate the space like a starry night sky.


Another way to accentuate winter themes into your design is with contrast. Dark tones pair with bright accents to create a timeless look. The subtle incorporation of color in the florals adds a romantic touch while the stark contrast enhances the luxurious aesthetic. Our Cafe Lights subtly accentuate the space and can be styled in a variety of designs to achieve the desired ambiance.

Spring Touch

Spring designs are a combination of vibrant greenery and pale, pastel themes. The pale color scheme is enhanced by the lush greenery to create a romantic spring dream. Our Valentina Chandelier brings a touch of elegance with its delicate frame adorned with alluring crystal drips.


Pale, feminine hues paired with greenery are timeless spring designs. Outdoor venues can be accentuated with our Cafe Lights or glamorous crystal chandeliers to bring a luxurious feel to the space. The warm glow above the desired locations, such as a Champagne tower as pictured on the top right, accentuates the bright, playful details.


During the summer season, couples opt for rich colored florals and picturesque outdoor wedding venues, such as the William Aiken House. The enhancement of natural elements is one of our favorite summer touches. We use our Branch Fairy Lights, pictured bottom right, to romanticize the earthy themes. We also used our Twinkle Lights to transform the tent frame with their glittering trails.


There is just something about the hues of green that make you think of fields of grass on a summer's day. We can appreciate the choice of an outdoor venue, i.e. Magnolia Plantation, to enhance the fresh vibes of a summer design. We can accentuate beautiful hanging floral arrangements with strands of our warm Cafe Lights to boost the intimate ambiance. We also create canopies of our Fairy Lights for a magical touch.


No matter the season, contact us today to learn about how we can transform your event! Email us at or call us at (843)410-9888.

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