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Post-Pandemic Event Ideas

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Backyard BBQ’s with Flair

It’s basically a requirement to host at least one barbecue every summer (sorry, we don’t make the rules!). Take your BBQ to the next level by incorporating fun patio lighting, pop-up tents to add shade and lawn games to entertain a crowd. Combine the outdoor flair with a theme and music and you’ve got a knockout party that will impress.

by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Micro Weddings 

The post-pandemic world has made it harder to host weddings for a large guest list — we totally understand that inviting every single acquaintance you’ve ever had just isn’t realistic anymore. We encourage you to explore micro weddings: weddings that include 50 or fewer people of mostly close friends and family. This allows you to enforce social distancing without giving up your dream venue. Let us know how we can scale down your wedding into everything you’ve ever wanted, just with a smaller guest list.

by Aaron & Jillian Photography

Corporate Cocktail Hour - with a Twist

Is the world ready to go bar hopping again? Maybe, maybe not. Companies have turned to virtual cocktail hours over video call to connect with coworkers and chat after hours in a laid back setting without the physical bar. This takes BYOB to a different level by allowing you to keep working from home and take a break from work without having to physically meet up. Here are some easy at-home cocktails to try with essentials you probably already have.

by Priscilla Thomas

Neighborhood Movie Nights

Not every city has an operating drive-in movie theatre, but you can easily simulate it by gathering the folks in your neighborhood at safe distances. All you need is a large screen or sheet, a projector, and some popcorn. Set this up in a cul-de-sac, neighborhood park, or your own backyard. Here’s a list of new movies that are getting premiering digitally this summer.

by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

Cul de Sac Parties 

None of the movies coming out pique your interest? You can still impress a crowd of bored neighbors stuck in their homes by hosting a casual cul-de-sac party! A quick speaker set up to play music, pop-up-tents, string lighting for night time fun and you’re all set! 4th of July is also coming up (hint, hint) making this a patriotic occasion and excuse to finally have a get-together.

by Michael Tuszynski on Unsplash

Pool Parties & Birthdays

As long as you have a pool, these parties are a lot easier to put together than you might imagine. We can get you set up with decor, lighting, and help you put together a theme. Couple this with a backyard BBQ and you’ve got showstopper. Invite the neighborhood or keep to yourself by creating a backyard birthday party that will always impress the kids.

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