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Meet The Team!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Thomas Smith, Owner

Thomas graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater. After 2 years of theatrical touring, he began working in the world of corporate events and installations, and for more than 15 years Innovative Event Services has been transforming the event scene. No day is ever the same here at IES, and Thomas loves the constant variety of opportunities. He loves custom designs and coming up with solutions to difficult situations or matching the right design elements with the venue or client's style is what makes the job fun. Thomas has been creating unforgettable events since 2005, and his highly experienced team is always ready to help you transform your venue and bring visions to light.

Thomas's Favorite Type of Lighting: "Uplighting. It is simple, cost effective and has the power to transform a venue and set a mood."

Becky, Accounting

Next month marks the 15-year anniversary since Thomas and Becky started Innovative Event Services from their living room. IES has come a long way since then, and Becky loves the IES team of skilled individuals, who all bring something different to the mix. She loves doing work for various charities like American Lung Association and The Boon Project. Becky is a three year breast cancer survivor. In her free time, she loves to hunt, shark fish and go white water rafting. Becky and Thomas are proud dog parents and have three dogs-two chihuahuas Alice and Terror and a beagle chihuahua mix named Ripley.

Becky's Favorite Product/Service: "I love our large event lighting, and I love to fabricate custom work for events."

Shea Ange, Operations Manager and Wedding Services Coordinator

Shea has been a part of the IES team for 4 years now. Shea loves working with all the planners, venues, and other vendors in the industry. She loves seeing everyone come together, as a large team, to help create amazing events. Shea has helped put together over 400 amazing weddings, and she loves being able to help bring peoples visions to life. Her favorite yearly events are the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE)

and the fabulous "Uncorked" event at Boone Hall Plantation. Shea loves living in Charleston because the city is beautiful and warm with hospitality. She also loves living so close to the water and taking walks on the beach.

Shea's Favorite Wedding Venue: "The Governor Thomas Bennett House and of course,

The Dock at Boone Hall Plantation."

Shea's Favorite Lighting: "I love Fairy Lights! They come in different styles, are super versatile and can really make a beautiful statement."

Ron Wright, Warehouse Manager

Ron has been a part of the IES team for 3 years now. Ron loves working with such an innovative company and being a part of transforming incredible scenes. Day to day Ron makes sure that the warehouse is running smoothly, and all the inventory is in place. He loves what he does, and that it allows him to meet and work with talented people all the time. A fun fact about Ron is that he loves to play bingo in his free time.

Ron's Favorite Lighting: "Any of IES' chandeliers, but especially the crystal chandeliers."

Lyndsay Johnson, Marketing Manager

Lyndsay joined the IES team in August as a marketing intern and proved to be a valuable asset to the team through her leadership, marketing expertise, and design skills. She became IES' Marketing Manager this January. Within the marketing field, Lyndsay loves strategically developing and growing brands. She believes the key to developing and growing a brand is creating a strong, cohesive brand image, brand personality, and building brand awareness and recognition. She believes innovation is a key element of the IES brand and has worked on bringing an innovative touch to all areas of IES' marketing. Since lightbulbs are often used as a symbol of innovation and one of the many services IES offers is lighting, Lyndsay designed the IES lightbulb graphic (as pictured behind her) as a visual representation of the IES brand.

Lyndsay's Favorite Lighting: "Any of IES' beautiful chandeliers hung from Oak Trees with Spanish Moss. There's just something so enchanting about mixing Charleston's natural charm with an elegant chandelier. "

Nicole Morgan, Marketing Intern

Nicole recently joined the Marketing team here at IES, and she will be graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing this upcoming May, 2021. Nicole loves Marketing because it allows her to create and deliver relevant, engaging, and innovative content and information to consumers. Nicole understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and she loves to leverage the power of social media platforms to do so. Nicole is a passionate and creative individual, and she is always working on a project or coming up with creative solutions. Nicole is thrilled to be part of such an innovative team here at IES that helps transforms clients dreams into reality.

Nicole's Favorite Lighting: "Valentina Chandelier"

Nicole's Favorite Wedding Venue: "Boone Hall Cotton Dock"

Delaina Satterfield, Marketing Intern

Delaina recently joined the Marketing team here at IES as well, and she will be graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science in both Marketing and Finance in May. Delaina loves marketing because it allows her to connect with and create meaningful relationships with clients, co-workers, and other organizations. In addition to this, she enjoys marketing because it gives her the chance to offer products and services to consumers that will ultimately impact their lives for the better. As a creative, self-starting individual who has an eye for aesthetics, Delaina thoroughly enjoys working for IES as she gets to be a part of a team that creates the most stunning, memorable, and happy moments for our clients.

Delaina's Favorite Lighting: "Double-Tiered Crystal Chandelier"

Delaina's Favorite Wedding Venue: "Lowndes Grove"

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