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Let IES Take Your Event Virtual

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

The pandemic has altered many things in our day to day life. At IES the safety of our guests and staff members is our top priority. Read below to find out the different ways we can make your event virtual!


Zoom, Website Link, or Other Platforms

Your event can be streamed over Zoom, but going virtual doesn't stop there. We can create a website specifically tailored for your event that you and your guests can easily access via link. What if there's no internet connection at the venue? Don't worry, we can still stream your event live through a hot spot! There are so many different ways to make your event virtual and we are dedicated to making it happen.


Multiple Shots With Perfect Audio

Why settle for one shot? We can stream your event from different angles so your guests experience it to its fullest. If you are in need of crystal clear audio, we've got you covered. Using multiple streaming platforms we can embed different shots with a high-quality sound.


Screen Set-Up

As a host, it's uplifting to see guests enjoying every minute of your event. By installing monitors at a venue we can give you that close up interaction with guests, in a safe way. This also allows the guests to interact with the event and be represented virtually.

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