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4 Summer Wedding Trends We Hope to See Again

Updated: May 2, 2022

There are certain aspects of summer that are incomparable. From the summer breeze to the radiant rays of sunshine, there is something revitalizing about summer that allows the world to stop and enjoy the little things. This summer, we noticed some gorgeous trends that we hope will stick around! Read more to learn about 4 of our favorite summer trends.

One of our favorite trends this summer were bright and bold colors! From floral arrangements to tabletop decor, there are so many unique ways to add bright, eye-catching pops of color to the design of the reception. Our Up Lights, available in 15 different colors, were perfect for adding color. Additionally, we used our Twinkle Lights & Cafe Lights to enhance the vivid color schemes we saw this summer.

Twinkle Lights are an elegant trend that has thrived this summer. With so many innovative ways to style our Twinkle Lights, they are the perfect way to add a personalized touch to the event. During the evening hours, the dazzling glow of these lights imitate the vibe of a starry night sky.

Earthy vibes have been a prominent wedding trend this summer. Intricate lighting designs involving string lights, greenery and florals have become a popular choice for eye catching statement pieces. Our Hanging Edison Lights and chandeliers are perfect complementary lighting choices for earthy styles!

Another great summer trend that we hope to see again is lounge areas! They are a way to draw attention to the desired elements of the venue while also adding another amenity to keep guests comfortable. One great way to enhance the ambiance of the lounge area is with one of our dazzling chandeliers. They add dimension to the design and bring an elegant touch to the aesthetic.


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