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Everything We Love About '90s Weddings

Updated: May 2, 2022

From middle parts to biker shorts, we are seeing ‘90s trends making a comeback! Many of these bangin’ trends are popping up in the wedding industry and we simply can not get enough of them. Whether you are a ‘90s kid or not, these groovy wedding trends will have you feeling nostalgic in the best ways! Keep reading to check out some of our favorite '90s wedding decor that are all that and a bag of chips!

Neon Signs

Neon Signs are a timeless ‘90s wedding trend. They allow the ability to add a personalized touch to the wedding reception while also creating a gorgeous backdrop. Try hanging them from one of our Boxwood Walls to add a pop of color.

Polaroid Guest Book

One ‘90s wedding trend we are totally buggin’ about is a Polaroid Guest Book. Polaroid Guest Books are a great way to involve guests when it comes to capturing the moment. No matter how much time has passed, you will always have a way to look back and smile as you recall this special moment. For the book, you will need a polaroid camera, film, a guest book, and markers/pens so that guests can leave a message of their choice. We also recommend a hand sanitizer station so that guests can sanitize their hands after signing.

Pops of Color

Colorful Bouquets

Another great way to integrate ‘90s styles into your wedding is with a colorful bouquet! We love seeing stunning floral combinations that add a pop of color to the timeless elegance of weddings. The bright colored hues of the bouquet brighten up the ambiance and add a personalized touch.

Colorful Table Decor

Another classic ‘90s styled touch to a wedding reception is colorful table decor. While many brides prefer the simplistic elegance of white decor, we love when brides opt for bright combinations when planning their dining arrangements. Whether that means adding colorful florals to the table or going for colored table linens, a pop of color for the table decor can be a game changer when it comes to the vibe of the reception.

Mirror Balls

Mirror Balls are another ‘90s wedding trend we absolutely adore! Mirror Balls are a great way to bring a groovy vibe to the ambiance of the reception. Our Mirror Balls come in 4 different sizes and spin to reflect the light in a dazzling fashion that will have all your guests feeling fly. We recommend pairing them with our Up Lights, which are available in 15 different colors, to achieve the desired look.


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