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A First-Hand Fashion Show Experience

This past weekend, we went to Mooresville, North Carolina for the HiTechModa Fashion Show - Charlotte Edition. This 2-day event started Friday and ended Saturday and was meant to be an opportunity for local talent to showcase their skills on the runway. With a show by Samba dancers, talented singers, and a ballerina - this event was so much more than just clothing.

After the demonstration, the models were off to hair and makeup! We spent this time perfecting audio and lighting visuals. We wanted to ensure that the correct lights were shining on the models while also creating the right amount of exposure for photographers.

The first day was full of amazing designer collections like Bleu by August, In The Wild, Steal the Look, and Yesi Rose Fashion. The day started with a Master Class to review important details, tips, and advice for up and coming models. Everyone had something to learn in this class! Even myself, someone who spends most of their time on the other end of the lens/screen, got a lot of useful information from the demonstrations. The show finished with a live Samba performance and during the finale, all of the models made their way onto the stage.

On the second day, we had 2 fashion shows! The first show was in the early afternoon and the final show was during the evening. This gave models plenty of time to perfect their walks, poses and to get into hair and makeup. For the second day, we saw designers like Nita Belles Closet, Glam 2 Glo Designz, Steadfast, Marc DeFang, Lauren Wall Designs, Vixxen, Vivid Emporium, and Melanie Caballero. During the first show, they brought out a local singer to kickstart the show and for the second show, they brought out a ballerina. The goal was to showcase local talent from the area and to give these artists additional exposure.

Overall, this event was definitely memorable. The setup itself took our team about 10 hours which meant we had to arrive on Thursday, a day prior to the show. We loaded up our trucks and set off for Mooresville by 10:30 that morning. I had never attended a gig for a load-in or load-out, so I didn’t know what exactly to expect. Seeing the fashion show fully prepared versus how it looked when we first arrived was like night and day. I never thought about all of the work that goes into producing a fashion show, but I will never forget the experiences I had! It made me appreciate the work our team does and gave me a new perspective on event setup and breakdown.

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