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Bigger is Better: Creating an Unforgettable Wedding During the Holiday Season

Updated: May 2, 2022

Most couples tend to steer away from the winter months as an ideal date for their wedding. Although it’s cold, winter months don’t have to mean sacrificing everything you want for a stunning design. Winter comes with endless opportunities to host an elegant and cozy seasonal wedding! In this blog post, we've put together our favorite ideas on how to throw an unforgettable holiday wedding.

Bold Color Schemes

There are various color palettes that can be beautiful for a winter wedding. Seasonal colors such as red, burgundy, dark greens, and deep blues are some of the most popular winter wedding colors, but we also love the elegance of warm pink tones. You can bring in your winter color palette through fun outdoor lounges, table linens, and florals. We love to add warmth to these color schemes by hanging our Café Lights over outdoor lounges or combining them with dark greenery for a unique winter touch.

Eye-Catching Statement Pieces

Consider hanging an eye-catching statement piece from the ceiling of your venue for a detailed look! Some hanging installations we’ve helped put together that would be perfect for a winter wedding include custom-made rigs adorned with hundreds of fresh white tulips and a hanging board of greenery and dark florals combined with our fun Mirror Balls! Hanging white flowers for a winter wedding adds a bright and fresh look to your reception tent. Mirror balls are a fun, and memorable addition to your design, and they add a magical touch to any space.

Luxurious Lighting

One way to bring a luxurious touch to your winter wedding is by hanging an eye-catching crystal chandelier! The intricate crystal design looks stunning when hung above dining tables, your dance floor, or in clusters across your tent. Our personal favorite chandelier rentals for your winter wedding include our Empire Chandelier, Large Royal Chandelier, and our Valentina Chandelier! Each of them offers a unique element, whether it be shape, size, or gold detailing.

Innovative Lighting Designs

For the ultimate wow factor on your special day, consider adding a unique and innovative lighting design to your ceremony or reception! Some of our favorite winter lighting designs include canopies of Twinkle Lights or Fairy Lights, a ceiling of Café Lights mixed with dark greenery, and an abundance of Hanging Glass Orbs with the warm glow of tea lights. Each of them gives the effect of a sky full of stars for a magical winter wedding. If you decide to brave the cold and celebrate outdoors, our lighting creates a warm ambiance for you and your guests.


With the help of beautiful lighting and decor your winter wedding won't feel cold and dreary! Contact our innovative team today at to start planning an unforgettable wedding during the holiday season!

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