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7 Ways to Hang Chandeliers

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When it comes to wedding receptions, statement pieces are a must. Chandeliers are the perfect way to achieve the desired ambiance! They cast a mesmerizing glow that makes them an essential part of every event. There are many different types of chandeliers ranging from modern to traditional and once you know the style you want, the next step is deciding how to hang it.

From indoors to outdoors, IES has you covered! Read more to learn about some of our favorite ways to hang chandeliers.


If you are looking for an outdoor reception that can withstand rain or shine, then a tent is the way to go! Our enchanting chandeliers can be hung up from the peak of the tent to bring all the light you need to your special day. Add some drapes to the tent to create a luxurious ambiance or hang the chandelier from the tent frame to allow the rays of the sun to shine through.

Pergolas are a classic, elegant choice for wedding receptions. The open concept of the pergola paired with our gorgeous Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier allows for an intimate yet sophisticated look that is breathtakingly unique. This pergola is one of the many attributes that brings couples to the William Aiken House for their special day.

One of our favorite ways to hang our chandeliers is outdoors! Whether it is strung up in a garden or hung from the branch of a tree, our chandeliers are an eye-catching addition to any wedding reception. The natural elements of the venue compliments the chandeliers and brings a whimsical touch to the ambiance.

Worried about weather conditions on your special day? That's okay! The magic can be brought indoors just as easily as outside. Hang a chandelier, or multiple, from the ceiling for a look that is timeless. They cast a warm glow that will enhance the romantic atmosphere and are an elegant addition to any indoor reception.

Have you ever heard the expression “less is more”? Well we believe that more is more! Why settle for one chandelier when you can have multiple of them? Create a cluster of chandeliers by grouping multiple together for a luxurious look that captures the essence of romance and leaves a lasting impression.

If a symmetrical look is more fitting for your reception, try hanging our chandeliers in a row! This classic design is the perfect addition to enhance the elegant ambiance. Hang them in the dining area for a look that is mesmerizing and glamorous.

Chandeliers and greenery are a match made in heaven! They suit each other timelessly to bring a rustic, natural addition to your wedding reception. We are able to work with florists to create custom designs that will help make your special day everything you have dreamed of and more!


At IES, we love the opportunity to turn dreams into reality! For more information, check out our portfolio or give us a call at (843)410-9998.

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