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5 Ways to Create a Romantic Wedding Design

Updated: May 2, 2022

Romantic wedding designs are all about creating a look that is straight out of a fairytale! This day is all about celebrating love and your decor can reflect that in a variety of ways. We hope to inspire your inner romantic with some magical lighting, decor, and floral wedding designs. Keep reading to learn more!


When it comes to a romantic wedding design, lighting is a great way to transform a venue into a fairytale scene! One of our favorite ways is with a canopy of Fairy Lights. Fairy Lights create a delicate look with their intricate design and shine like a sky full of stars during the evening hours. From an unforgettable tent entrance, complemented by lush greenery, to a ceiling dripping in twinkling lights, they create an essence of magic anywhere they are placed!

For some brides, more is absolutely more when it comes to decorative lighting! Creating a bold, romantic aesthetic can be done so with clusters of glamorous chandeliers scattered throughout the venue. One of the best parts about this element of decor is that there is so much variety! Whether you are looking for a cluster of single chandeliers, such as our Darby Chandelier clusters pictured on left, to clusters of multiple chandeliers, such as our Ashley Pendants pictured on the upper right. Chandelier clusters can enhance the ambiance with their strategic placement throughout the event space.


We love the element of whimsy brought by interactive decor! What better way to turn your special day into a fairytale than with swings hanging from an old oak or an elegant Champagne Wall ready to greet your guests? This romantic touch is perfect for bringing guests together to feel the love in a fantastical way!

Romance for some brides does not stop at the reception. From built in amenities, such as the pergola at the William Aiken House, to lush floral arches, picturesque backdrops are perfect for creating a focal point to set the scene for your I-Do. We also love seeing personalized neon signs adorning Boxwood Walls to introduce newly weds. This brings a personalized element to the heartfelt decor.


Blooming florals are a classic way to create a romantic wedding aesthetic. This past year, we saw brides getting especially creative with their floral arrangements. From suspended arrangements to archways, stunning florals can create garden feel that will have all of your guests looking up!

Let us shine some light on your special day! Contact us to begin planning the event of your dreams!

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