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4 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding

Updated: May 2, 2022

When opting to hold your dream wedding in an outdoor setting, it's especially important to choose the perfect amount of lighting for your ceremony and reception! Lighting may seem like a necessity in order to illuminate the space, but it also plays a big part in your design and setting the right mood for your celebration. To make sure you’re able to dance the night away, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to illuminate an outdoor wedding, whether it be with an elegant chandelier, stunning string lighting, or a combination of the two!


For an elegant look, consider hanging a chandelier at your outdoor wedding! We love to hang them from trees, strands of greenery and float them above various areas around your venue for a romantic look. We offer many different styles of chandeliers to fit different aesthetics, whether it be a rustic vibe or luxurious look! Some of our favorites include our timeless Valentina that comes in both a 12 and 6-light option and our stunning Double Tiered Crystal Chandelier.

Tree Limb Lighting

When hosting an outdoor wedding, why not choose to enhance the stunning natural elements of your venue with a unique lighting design? Hanging our Branch Fairy Lights from tree limbs creates a magical ambiance that only gets better as night sets in. For a more dramatic look, you could choose to hang our glamorous Crystal Chandeliers from the limbs of an old oak tree for an unforgettable look. Whatever your preference, natural backdrops are a creative way to enhance the look of your wedding lighting.

Combination Lighting

Hang a combination of lighting to not only illuminate different spaces at your venue but also create an unforgettable design. One of our favorite combinations is hanging our chandeliers from Café Lights for an optimal glow. Lighting not only plays an essential role in being able to see but also to the final look of your decor! Our vintage style Valentina Chandelier (pictured top left) hung in combination with Café Lights to accentuate the romantic vibe of the decor! Another lighting combination we love is our custom-made Hanging Edison Board (pictured bottom right) adorned with greenery that hung with rows of our Café Lights to add to the whimsical vibe of the venue.

String Lighting

Cafe Lights offer a simple yet romantic look at your outdoor wedding without breaking the bank. They can be hung in various patterns to create a unique look, and we love to combine them with greenery that ties into your decor. String them above your reception tables or from your outdoor bar for the perfect amount of light all night long.


Twinkle lights are a great way to illuminate your wedding reception! Create the illusion of a tent by hanging them as a canopy over your wedding reception or in the form of the tent frame for a beautiful open-aired look. Although hanging them in clusters is best for a breathtaking design, hanging just a few strands is sure to create a warm glow at your celebration!


Hanging layers of our Fairy Lights creates a stunning starry night effect! Some of our favorite outdoor designs include a canopy of fairy lights draped from a pergola at the entrance of a reception and a garden trellis covered in fairy lights for a whimsical look. You can also combine them with greenery to enhance the aesthetic of your venue. As night sets in the magical ambiance will be felt by everyone in attendance.


We have all you need to create a beautiful outdoor lighting design! Contact us today at to start planning the outdoor wedding of your dreams!

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