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10 Ways to Incorporate Greenery and Florals Into Your Wedding Lighting

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

IES is blooming with excitement as spring weddings are approaching and the preparations for it are in full swing! Spring is such a beautiful time for weddings, especially here in the Low Country. Nothing screams spring more than fresh greenery and blooming florals. One of our favorite ways to create an ambiance that embraces the beauty of spring is to incorporate greenery and florals into our lighting. Here's our top 10 ways to incorporate greenery and florals into your wedding lighting design.


Café Lights are a popular and versatile lighting choice for weddings of all seasons, themes, and venues. To fully embrace the spring season, consider adding fresh greenery to our Cafe Lights.

Enhance the classic and timeless gold tones of our Darby Chandelier by adding a pop of fresh greenery. Greenery accents add a soft, organic touch to this geometric, open lantern style chandelier frame.

There's no such thing as too much greenery! Our Ravenwood Chandelier's rustic frame is the perfect base to pile on lots of lush, textural greenery. Add your own personal touch to our Ravenwood chandelier by selecting your preferred type of greenery, deciding how much greenery you would like, and whether or not you would also like to add floral accents. You can also choose the type of bulbs we use for another personalized touch.

Take a simple chandelier like our Ellison Chandelier and transform it into an enchanting chandelier by adding lots of fresh, lush, and textural greenery.

Greenery adorned chains are a perfect way to give chandeliers a garden-fresh feel without having the greenery overpower the delicate, intricate beauty of crystal beaded chandeliers.

While crystal chandeliers are elegant and luxurious, the delicate nature of their crystal details can cause difficulties when adding greenery and florals. In order to to get around this we often use a halo (bottom left and right photos). If a halo is not your style, there is the option to add light ethereal accents intertwined with the beading (bottom middle photo).

If you are having a tented reception but don't want guests to feel like they are in a tent, adding arial structures like our custom build 60” round structure with cascading greenery is a perfect way to bring the outside in- ultimately transforming the ambiance from a plain white tent into a spring landscape.

Are you looking for a show stopping way to combine greenery and lighting? If so, our 20’ flat arch with hanging Edison bulbs, romantic cascading florals, and lush greenery is perfect option! Place the head table underneath for a unique, botanical statement.

Embrace the season with our 24’ long suspended hanging structure that combines lighting and tabletop floral arrangements, creating a romantic, botanical look your guests won’t be able to stop talking about.

Our Hanging Light Board suspended mid-air is perfect for an earthy, natured inspired look. Edison lights hanging at different lengths complement the beautiful cascading greenery and wooden board.


As many wedding trends come and go, florals, greenery, and lighting are a dynamic trio that will always remain a vital part of creating a romantic wedding.

Now that you have seen our top 10 ways to incorporate greenery and florals in our lighting designs, reach out to our innovative team and let us help you turn the wedding of your dreams into reality. Give us a call at (843) 410-9888 or email us at

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