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Something Blue - Wedding Decor Ideas

Updated: May 2, 2022

The idea of Something Blue is a wedding tradition as old as time. It is thought to represent love, purity, modesty, and fidelity for the couple’s future endeavors. The color blue itself is associated with inspiration, loyalty, serenity, and peace. Blue is also believed to have a calming effect, as it releases feelings of tranquility. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite blue-themed wedding designs!

Shades of Blue
Blue Wedding Reception at Lowndes Grove in Charleston, South Carolina

This elegant wedding reception at Lowndes Grove used a shade of blue called Blue Cascade to create a cool, icy aesthetic. This was a perfect winter design for a Lowcountry wedding. Blue Cascade was featured in the linens to accentuate the white complementary decor. To tie it all together, our Royal Chandelier was hung in combination with the pure white drapes to create a layered design.

This chic wedding reception used the color Blue Square as the focal point of the wedding decor. Blue Square is a darker shade of Cyan that is made up predominantly of darker blues and greens. Not only did this event planner, Hill and Co Creative, incorporate this beautiful blue into the linens, but this shade of blue was taken into account with the drape and outdoor lounge area decor as well. To accentuate the neutral accent tones, our Darby Chandelier was hung in combination with Cafe Lights to bring a touch of warmth.

The fresh, classic wedding reception used a shade of blue called Fine Tuned Blue. Much like Blue Square, this shade is made up of blue and green with a touch of grey. Although this blue is much more subtle, it still brings a sense of inspiration and calm that is associated with blues. To illuminate this venue the event planner, the Petal Report, went for our rattan style Leran Pendants. This design captures life's simple pleasures.

Valentina Chandelier for blue wedding reception at Lowndes Grove

This shade of blue is called In the Moment and on your special day- that is exactly what you want to be! Much like Fine Tuned Blue, this shade is very subtle. It has the perfect combination of blue and a grey to create a cool, balanced aesthetic. For this elegant wedding reception, In the Moment blue was used for the linens as well as the checkered patterns that made up the dance floor. Golden hues were used to enhance the In the Moment color scheme with the use of boho style seating and a row of timeless Valentina Chandeliers.

Blue Themed Wedding Ceremony at Legare Waring House

This wedding ceremony used a blue tone that is known as Moody Indigo. With touches of blues, greens, and purples, The use of this shade of blue for the tent created the look of a blue sky. With the combination of Twinkle Lights, we were able to turn the negative space of the tent top into a sky full of twinkling stars. Darker hues were used as accents to enhance the contrast from the depth of the blue drape and the white of the altar backdrop.

Blue Wedding Reception at Runnymede Plantation

This shade of blue has received the name of Luxury – and it definitely suits the style of this wedding reception! The use of white linens for the banquet tables and blue for the bistro tables created a magical look that was tied together by the seating’s blue padding. For a fresh, luxurious touch, this bride opted for a hanging arrangement of earthy ferns illuminated with hanging Edison Lights. This earthy-inspired design was continued throughout the lighting with intricately wrapped Darby Chandeliers scattered throughout the tent.

Whether you are opting for a bold, blue wedding or a wedding full of softer shades, IES has you covered! Contact us today to begin creating an unforgettable event!

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