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IES Collab With INK Charleston & Mega-Lite

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Here at IES, we are so fortunate to be located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina and to be surrounded by hundreds of phenomenal local businesses. Charleston is a city widely renowned for its lovely southern charm, generous hospitality, and stunning scenic views, and Charleston has been named the "No. 1 City in America" by Travel and Leisure Magazine for 8 consecutive years! People from all across the country and globe come to experience our tourism and hospitality services here in Charleston, and that is why we have some of the most notable, extraordinary restaurants, bars, and hotels in the world!

Our innovative team loves the opportunity to work with local businesses within the Charleston community, and we recently worked with INK Charleston to help transform and re-brand what was formally known as Ink + Ivy into the new, eccentric cocktail lounge - INK! Located on Upper King Street, INK Charleston is a cutting-edge, fun, and upbeat cocktail lounge that intertwines historic Charleston with an electric South Beach-inspired atmosphere. Check out how we used Mega-Lite's professional stage lighting products in our lighting designs to transform INK Charleston's previous space into the new, eccentric cocktail lounge it is today!


Product #1 - DECO Flex Lights

If you are looking for a colorful, fun, and dynamic lighting design to transform your venue space, then LED strip lighting is your way to go! We utilized 280 feet of Mega-Lite's DECO Flex Lights to completely transform INK Charleston's previous space into the exciting cocktail lounge it is today! These DECO Flex Lights create such a lively atmosphere and feature red, green, blue, and warm white capabilities that allow the user to create his or her own color combinations. As seen below, we installed these LED Flex Lights under the bar, under the seating, and behind the picture frames at INK Charleston.


Product #2 - Black Lighting

Another eccentric way to transform an event or venue space is to utilize black lights in your lighting design. Black lighting is a creative way to generate a high-spirited and energetic atmosphere within your venue space. Pictured below are our black lights shining over one of INK Charleston's black light paintings!


Product #3 - DECO Pendant Q20 Lights

If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind lighting design to incorporate into your venue, then downlight pendant lights are the perfect option! We installed five of Mega-Lite's DECO Pendant Q20 Lights above the bar at INK Charleston, and these pendants added a fun splash of color onto INK's feather chandeliers - perfectly accentuating the cocktail lounge's vibrant ambiance. These DECO Pendant Q20 Lights offer feature red, green, and blue color mixing - giving you the opportunity to create bold, rich, and saturated color combinations. Check out how we utilized these downlight pendants in our lighting design above the bar at INK Charleston!


Product #4 - DECO Recessed Q20 Lights

Another product we used in INK Charleston's transformation was recessed lights! We installed five of Mega-Lite's DECO Recessed Q20 Lights near the bathroom at INK Charleston to create a fun, exuberant walking path for their customers. These DECO Recessed Q20 Lights are designed with versatility and allow you to create a color mixing of red, green, blue, and warm white - see them in action below!


Product #5 - DECO Drive CV4 and DMX Main Wall Controller

Lastly, you will need central systems to power and control all of these lighting designs. We installed four of Mega-Lite's DECO Drive CV4s to power all of these eccentric lighting designs, and we installed Mega-Lite's MEMO DMX Main Wall Controller to control all of the lighting systems and to bring all of our lighting designs to life in one central location. The MEMO DMX Main Wall Controller is extremely simple to use and allows the bar staff to control all of the lounge's lights in one central unit. These product offerings from Mega-Lite are essential in creating your dream lighting designs - check them out below!


Here at IES, our innovative team is always working within the Charleston community and supporting our local businesses, and we would love to assist your company or business with your lighting transformation! Reach out to us today at (843) 410-9998 or email to speak with a member of our innovative team, and be sure to check out our work with INK Charleston and Mega-Lite!

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