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Romance is in the Air- How to Create a Romantic Ambiance

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

A romantic ambiance can feel like a magical quality that some weddings just seem to have. It’s the intangible, yet distinctive feel of romance in the air. It’s as if the couples love for one another was somehow captured and transformed into an atmosphere. So, how do you create an intangible, magical feeling of romance? And how can you capture the feeling of love between two individuals and turn it into an atmosphere filled with romance, affection, and love for you and your guests to celebrate your special day and make memories that will last a lifetime? It may sound simple, but it all starts with the lighting.

Lighting is the key component of setting a romantic mood. On top of creating a romantic ambiance, lighting is also a fundamental tool used to accentuate your decor and transition the atmosphere through different parts of the evening.

Sometimes couples skip out on lighting because they don't think it is an important cost; however, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Here’s why: day or night, the right lighting can create a warm, romantic glow over the ceremony and reception, ultimately setting the mood.

Many indoor venues have fluorescent white lights in them. Fluorescent lights are great for hospitals or supermarkets, but they don’t quite scream romance. Even with a great photographer, white fluorescent light can be awkward and unflattering… and no one wants that when looking back at wedding photos.

As far as outdoor venues go, the last thing you want is the night to end prematurely because it’s dark and not well lit. Outdoor wedding receptions should feel like you’re in a scene of a romance movie filled with a warm, soft glow and colors from a sunset.

The great part about lighting is there are so many options to choose from. Here's our top 10 ways to use lighting to create a romantic ambiance.

Café Lights are an amazing and versatile way to create a warm glow. They can be used inside, outside, or in tents. Line the inside of a clear top tent with cafe lights to create the feeling of a starry night. For outdoor receptions, use cafe lights to light up paths and entrances and exits to ensure visibility for your guests safety.

Edison lights give off a vintage romantic feeling and are a unique lighting choice. We build custom structures to hang our Edison Lights from based on the design of your wedding. For the final romantic touch, add greenery and florals from your florist.

Up lighting is a cost effective way to transform the ambiance and create a warm glow. Use up lights to bring focus on florals or architectural elements, or place up lights at the base of trees to emphasize the natural beauty of the Low Country.

Add a little twinkle to your night with Fairy Lights. Fairy lights are a simple, delicate, and romantic lighting choice that is versatile and can be hung in many ways.

Floating chandeliers are a perfect way to transform the open air around you into a romantic ambiance. Floating chandeliers can make an otherwise empty space into something warm, inviting, and romantic.

You can never have too many chandeliers! Hanging multiple chandeliers in rows increases the feeling of romance exponentially. This lighting arrangement is perfect for creating a poetic, elegant, and timeless look.

Delicate Crystal Chandeliers hung from trees create an instant feeling of romance. Combining the beauty of old oak trees and Spanish moss swaying in the breeze with elegant chandeliers will create an enchanting fairytale feeling- full of lots of romance.

A cluster of chandeliers is the perfect romantic addition to any wedding reception. Chandelier clusters are a great way to add a little romance to a dance floor. They beautifully illuminate the space and can make you and your guest feel as if you are dancing under the stars!

Chandeliers are romantic to begin with but add some greenery for an extra touch of romance! Adding greenery to chandeliers brings a natural and refreshing look to your wedding reception. It can also create a cohesive design by tying together the lighting with your floral arrangements and centerpieces.

To ensure the ambiance has a romantic feel, we suggest combining different lighting options. Chandeliers, Café Lights and up lights are a popular lighting trio.

IES is experts on creating a romantic ambiance that is unique to each couple and their love for one another. We love helping couples create romantic, unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Interested in letting us help you create a romantic ambiance? Give us a call at (843) 410-9888 or email us at

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