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Venue Transformations

Updated: May 2, 2022

At IES, innovation is not just part of our name. We work hard to turn every venue into a magical space that is just as unique as the clients we are designing for! Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite wedding transformations at Charleston venues!

Boone Hall is one of our favorite venues to transform! We primarily see the most stunning transformations happen at the Cotton Dock, which is part of the 290 acres belonging to the plantation and gardens. For this transformation, we adorned the ceiling with our golden Gloster Chandelier paired with magical hanging Glass Orbs. This, combined with the vibrant greenery, added an elegant touch to the rustic venue.

The Governor Thomas Bennett House is known for its Oyster Tabby patio on the back lawn. We love transforming this space into an elegant dance floor that helps every guest have an unforgettable experience. A classic look that we fall in love with every time is the use of greenery to adorn the tent, starting from the peak, that is also used to accentuate one of our mesmerizing chandeliers. The chandelier we used at this reception was our glamorous Luxe Chandelier.

The William Aiken House is a very popular wedding venue here in Charleston, South Carolina. We love the built in amenities that come with this spot, such as the pergola, because they allow for personalized touches that bring extra romance to this location. For this magical wedding reception, we hung branch fairy lights from the beautiful oak that resides in the back patio to romanticize the natural elements at the venue. We then used a tent frame to support our Twinkle Lights to create a canopy of dazzling light over the heads of the guests. This enhanced the bright floral arrangements to create an aesthetic that looked like it was straight from a fairy tale!


We love working with amazing vendors at gorgeous venues. If you would like to see more designs we have done at various venues, check out our portfolio!


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