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Minimize Guest List, Maximize Potential

Although the amount of guests need to be smaller due to these new times, this extra space can make for an awesome event! Here are some ideas to help you reach the full potential of your next event!

Outdoor Events: Hosting an event outside is currently trending for multiple reasons. Moving your event to an outdoor space helps maximize social distancing and removes guests from a tight area. It is also a great way to take advantage of the cooler weather!

Creating a Theme: A theme can help set the stage in order to make your next event extra special! Themes help to make the occasion more memorable and bring a new layer to the party. Look through all of our unique event lighting options to help separate your event from the others!

Quality over Quantity: Instead of having a lengthy guest list, shorten your number of attendees. This not only creates space, but makes it easier to host and entertain. Use the extra money from cutting back on your guests to add beautiful lighting! This will increase the flair of your event to make it a killer party!

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