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Detailed Inspired Lighting Designs

Lighting designs play a key role in every event. The difference between good lighting and bad lighting is a very important factor when it comes to deciding how you want to celebrate your special day. Lighting details can not only affect the ambiance but also play a huge role in the photography of the event. There are many different lighting options ranging from chandeliers to string lights. In this article, we will break down some of our favorite specialty lighting designs.

Regular Fairy

Our Regular Fairy Lights look breathtaking when strung above walkways. Incorporate some greenery for detailing that is natural and intimate. The end result creates a romantic ambiance that looks like it is straight from a fairytaleesproductions.comtinfo@iesproductions.comtoinfo@iesproductions.comto

Moss Fairy

Moss Fairy Lights are perfect for accentuating the natural elements of your wedding venue. They bring a fantastical component to the trees and help light up the night. They also make for the perfect backdrop for pictures. Breakup Patterns

Twinkle Lights are a gorgeous addition to any wedding reception. They twinkle like stars in the night sky and bring a celestial element to the aura of the wedding.

Gobo projections are an extraordinary detail for any event. They can be personalized for each client and are an unforgettable element. This unique lighting design can incorporate the color scheme of the event to boost the desired effect.

Breakup Patterns

Breakup Patterns are a type of Gobo Projections that use tight projections, or long barrels with wide projections, on wash areas to display colors and patterns. Their ability to be customizable is one of the factors that make them a memorable aspect of any event. Pair them with other lighting rentals, such as our Darby Chandelier [as pictured above], for a dazzling lighting design!

Our Up Lights accentuate the natural elements at the venue of choice. Choose vibrant colors to promote the desired mood or keep it simple with a warm natural glow. The detailing can be used to create a gorgeous backdrop for pictures and helps every guest embark on an unforgettable experience.

Give us a call at (843)410-9888 or email us at info@iesproductions.com to create your ideal lighting design!

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