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Decorate Like A Pro This Thanksgiving

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

To make this Thanksgiving special, check out some easy ways to decorate like a pro! Keep in mind our lanterns are 50% off when you rent a Hand Sanitizer station this November.

To get this Thanksgiving Mantle look all you need are pumpkins, leaves, pinecones, our Branch Fairy Lights and our lanterns. You can also personalize this look easily with any of your own Thanksgiving decor you already have.

This Thanksgiving centerpiece look is super easy to achieve. All it takes is a large glass bowl, some leaves, a pumpkin, a pinecone and our Branch Fairy Lights. Even though it is a centerpiece you don't have to place it in the middle of a table. It also would look great on an entry way table or side table in a living room.

Our Mason Jar Fairy Lights are a simple yet charming Thanksgiving touch. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They can also can be hung or placed on a table.

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